rosemary and nasturtium

Today's introduction is rosemary and nasturtium
本日のご紹介は ローズマリーナスタチウムです。

It is said that rosemary is a meaning called a marine drop. It was growing in large numbers on the seashore. Probably, it is strong to briny air.  Since it is a herb which is very easy to use, it may be convenience if it is in an one-share house. 
It is a thing of grove nature which was released this time.
They are three sorts by the form and size difference. A texture is two sorts.
A total of six kinds are one set.

ローズマリーは海のしずくという意味なんだそうです。海辺に多くあったからこの名前だそうですが、潮風に強いのですね。とても利用しやすいハーブなので、1株家にあると便利かもしれません。我が家には半匍匐性のローズマリーがあって、花の季節はそれは見事な紫の滝のようになるのですが、 今回リリースしたのは木立性のものです。

Nasturtium is a very profitable herb by which a flower, a leaf, and a fruit are eaten. Appearance is lovely, there is also a color number and it is easy to raise.
It raises in a kitchen, and the salad of breakfast can be decorated with a leaf, and a small handful and a garnish of a dinner can be decorated with a flower, or many things can be enjoyed.
ナスタチウムは花も葉も実も食べられるとてもお得なハーブです。 見た目も可愛いし、色数もあるし、育てやすいし。

5-color release. Purple was made fund-raising. 

Each can be purchased at the booth in EXPO.

The Home & Garden EXPO started

7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo  started.
Second Life 第7回 Home and Garden Expo が始まりました。

forest feast has not released new goods at all for 2 months. Since the graphics of my viewer were not repaired, either, I was troubled. However, a somehow new flower was able to be released and I was able to participate.
forest feastは2ヶ月間全く新しい商品を出していなくて、ビュアのグラフィック表示も直らなくて、どうなる事かと思ったのですが、なんとか新しい花を出して参加する事が出来ました。

Since installation of a booth does not often become, either, goods were placed this time and the flower and tree which were made have only been planted. 
It seems that fund-raising goods fortunately also sell little by little from the first day. 

They are introduction of forest feast booth, and the 1st introduction of fund-raising goods today. 

First of all, although it is a booth of forest feast, it is in sim of EXPO 1.
work is variously overdue -- a sample and the goods sending for introduction -- although it has not done and fund-raising goods do not appear on a formal page ..............A booth certainly exists X|

まずは、forest feastのブースですが、EXPO 1 のsimにあります。

A place is HERE.
You can also TP from the signboard of EXPO in the information booth of the store of
forest feast.
forest feastのお店のインフォメーションブースにあるEXPOの看板から飛ぶ事も出来ます。

Now, although it was the fund-raising goods from forest feast, three sorts of herbs were released.
They are lavender, rosemary, and nasturtium. 
さて、forest feastからの募金商品ですが、ハーブを3種、リリースしました。

First of all, lavender. 
There were various kinds also in lavender, English lavender was chosen this time. 
Eight sorts for planting alone.
It is six sorts which were planted in the shape of a line in lavender fields.

( 4 stocks set (1 prim):4 kinds  , 12 stocks set (3 prim):2 kinds )

The copy version is also sold in the booth of EXPO.
Since this is fund-raising goods, sale in a marketplace becomes since a fund-raising period expires. 


Home and Garden Expo Sep. 16-28

I am surprised that blog was not updated once last month. 


The condition of a viewer is bad, and since editing work is impossible, goods cannot be made at all.  
Although I was doing that it could do in off-line work, some are releasable at last.

Some are released according to Home and Garden Expo which will start on the 16th. 
Some herbs were made this time. 
いくつかは 16日から始まるHome and Garden Expoに合わせて作ったものです。

Since edit is directly impossible, the booth of hy store of the EXPO is quite rough installation this time. 
When it becomes on the 16th, a link is stretched here. 

Moreover, from tomorrow, I wish to also carry out introduction of the new product of EXPO exhibition. 

The official site of EXPO is here. EXPOのオフィシャルサイトはこちら。

There are a hunt event etc. 
Although hunt goods were not able to be taken out this time, I hope I can place some gifts in the middle of an event. 

windingly copy version

I'm fighting with the marketplace 2-3 days.

ここ2−3日 マーケットプレイスと格闘しています。

Now, although some demands of the copy version were coming, windingly which had an inquiry just recently also has been registered. 
さて、コピーバージョンのご要望がいくつか来ていたんですが、つい最近もお問い合わせがあった windinglyを登録してきました。

Several stocks type, & a flower garden type. 
It is a fantastic flower which looks beautiful like a star at night. 

Some are easy-to-use in water. A sample is in fantasy garden. 
Marketplace is here. お求めはこちらから。

Hydrangea m. f. normalis 額紫陽花

A thing to make cannot be made well but I am somewhat in a bad mood :(

In addition, the bug of viewer is not canceled easily.
Therefore, in world length of stay is quite short. 

作りたいものが上手く形にならずちょっと低調気味。加えて、ビュアのバグがなかなか解消されないので、in world滞在時間がかなり短くなっています。

Now, the hydrangea currently regarded as it releasing by the end of June somehow. 
I will inform you that it took out to the shop front at last. 

As for the hydrangea released before, the hand-drawn taste remained.
Therefore, according to it, it has left the hand-drawn taste considerably this time also. 

In addition, he thought at rainy dark time that I wanted a slightly brighter leaf, and it finished the leaf brightly.

This is white.    これは白。

6 colors was released this time. A form differs in the all. Even if it arranges, the same form does not continue. 
It has put on the booth of a Japanese flower
今回6色出したのですが、 そのすべてが形が違いますので、並べても同じ形が続くということにはなりません。

And simultaneously with the release of this hydrangea, the standing group gift at a shop front was replaced after a long time. 

It is the yellow of a Hydrangea m. f. normalis.
If realistic, it was yellowish green, but since it was SL, yellow was taken out strongly to a slight degree. 

It has put on the information booth.
Please activate a group tag and accept it. 


A recent state besides marketplace registration

HelloFantasy Faire was prosperous and finished this year also.
Could you buy what is wished? 

Since I think that many stores sell at the main store also including fund-raising goods, when there are some which you failed to buy, please go to a main store. 
Fantasy Faireは今年も盛況のうちに幕を閉じましたが、お目当てのお買い物は出来ましたでしょうか? 

forest feast was also put on the store except Crime of Fantasy Faire limitation. 
Since the vendor for fund-raising is also put on the booth of a fantasy kind, please see. 
forest feastFantasy Faire限定のCrime以外はお店に並んでいます。

The event of the fantasy increased recently.
Since an inventory will become chaos if a shopping event increases, I'm enjoying himself moderately. 

最近はファンタジー系のイベントが増えたので、Fantasy Faireが終わったからと言ってうかうかしてられないんですが、お買い物イベントが増えるとインベントリーがカオスになってくるので、控えめに控えめに楽しんでいます。

I was absorbed in play and became late completely, the copy version of what sent in the latest event in here last evening has been registered to the marketplace
Although registration of an old thing does not progress easily, please contact me, when a copy version is not found. 

Although I think that it is hard to look for an item and it has become also in its store, there is a teleporter who flies to a booth in an information booth.
Since the booth is divided for every category, I think it early that I have it fly to reliance. 

Fantasy Faire booth

The goods for auctions are also sent, the prize for hunt is also placed, and I can wander now about an event site slowly at last. 


The present HUNT is held in SIM of Fantasy Faire.
Please look at the official site of
Fantasy Faire for details. 
Fantasy Faireの会場では現在ハントが開催されています。
詳しくはFantasy Faireの公式サイトをご覧ください。

Now, although it's Fantasy Faire with the various pleasure besides hunt, it is the SIM of the elaborate structure that I am pleasure most. 
As it is in previous contribution, forest feast is 's SIM this year also. The scene of this brilliant structure will be seen only ten days. Very regrettable.  
The situation of SIM appears also in Alia Baroque's blog.
さて、ハント以外にも、いろんな楽しみがあるFantasy Faireですが、私が一番楽しみなのはなんと言っても、凝った作りの会場です。
先の投稿にあるように、今年もforest feastさんのSIMですが、見事な作りでこれが10日間しか見られないとかと思うと、残念でなりません。

Only a few has photoed the booth. ブースをちょこっと撮影してきました。

This is appearance. 外から見たらこんな感じ。 

The inside after vendor installation. ベンダー設置後の中はこんな感じです。

For 4 more days. Please enjoy yourself till the last day.