Medieval Fantasy Hunt IX

This's information of a HUNT event. 

Medieval Fantasy Hunt which is allowed to participate from last time.
IX is a start from June 1.  

During the period, with one month, since it is long, it can search slowly.
前回から参加させていただいているMedieval Fantasy Hunt 
6月1日からIX 開始です。

This participation became 68 stores so that participating stores might increase in number gradually. 
The participating store should keep in mind that there are also the adult SIM and SIM of RP speciality.  
As for the set point for visitors, the RP speciality SIM is prepared mostly.
If you have room, it may also be good to carry out by planning to enjoy RP.


It is a gold coin which is looked for this time.
There is a poster in a participating store and there is also a hint. 


hunt prize from forest feast is the stone-made arch round which ivy twined. 
Although he thought in fact that he would put in a gimmick variously, an event overlaps too much and they are only an arch and ivy ordinarily this time.  
It was decided somehow that prize of this hunt would be made into "something stone-made and plant."
forest feastからのhunt prizeはivyの絡まった石造りのアーチです。
このハントのprizeは 石造りの何かと植物にしようと、なんとなく決めていたので、

Since it seems that it is hard to touch coin a little this time, when finding it, it may be good to use zoom-in and to touch with a camera. 

The official page of hunt is here. 

Mad Pea Carneval _ Zombie raffle

Although it is Mad Pea Demolition party introduced with the report last time, as it is on a note card, there is a contribution event for financing for new Mad Pea called Zombie rafflre.

as for this, creators(they have been concerned with Mad pea) provide Raffle Boards with  item for fund raising -- the product wins the person who participated in it.  
Item is the assortment of some goods, the limited edition made newly, etc. are various.
Participation is during a party period.which its till June 1
Interested you need to confirm at a party place.
前回記事でご紹介した Mad Pea Demolition party ですが、ノートカードにあるように、そこでZombie raffleという新しいMad Pea のための資金調達用寄付イベントがあります。
これは、今までMad peaに関わって来たクリエーター達が、基金集めの為に商品をRaffle Boards提供して、 それに参加した人に、その商品が当るというものです。
参加は パーティ期間中。6月1日までです .

Its also on the official page of Mad Pea for details. 
詳細はMad Peaの公式ページにもあります。 

Now, forest feast was also allowed to provide with goods the gratitude which was indebted for a while in the past to this Raffle Boards.
The usual goods of forest feast are not so expensive. Then, it was altogether new and became the made limited item. 
Among these, a tree has a different colors sales schedule. (However, how to attach a leaf changes at the time of sale)   Neither a rose nor gazebo will have a sales schedule from now on. 
It is the elegance whose fantasy color is quite deep.
However, since the edit possibility of and a copy are possible for all the items, they think that they are variously easy-to-use. 

さて、forest feastも過去少しお世話になったお礼に、このRaffle Boardsへ商品を提供させていただきました。
forest feastの通常の商品は、あんまり高価なものはありませんので、詰め合わせ、、というわけにもいかず、結局すべて新規で作った限定品となりました。

gazebo is 5prim. (Main part:3prim.Frame of a fall stop:2prim )Attached stairs are 2prim.
A rose is the shape of a flower garden of 1prim. (Many are used.)

2Trees sets are 3prim & 1 is 2prim. 
I made supposing using these in the air, floating them. However, of course, also on the ground, it can use.  

Although I do not know who will get these, I hope that it can be pleasing.  

MadPea Carneval is closing down

It is very regrettable information today.
MadPea Carneval which delighted us with wonderful contents will be closed soon.
The demolition party exists from 31st in May 12:00 (SLT).
Hereinafter, the delivered note card is reproduced.
(The note card of this guidance is receivable from the poster of the information booth of a main store.) 

素晴らしいコンテンツで私たちを楽しませてくれた、MadPea Carneval がもうすぐ閉鎖されます。


After 7 months of entertaining SL residents with evil thrills, rides and games, the MadPea Carneval is closing down. While we are sad to see it go, we’re also excited to have the space for creating new!

To celebrate the Carneval, we are arranging a huge Demolition party on May 31st starting at 12pm SLT.

It’ll be 48 hours of non-stop madness in the form of great entertainment, music, and a lot of action as we’re letting the zombies loose on our islands!

Fire and smoke rise on the dark horizon as the minions of the evil Cthulhu work to destroy the Carneval causing mass panic and hysteria! The army has been called forth. The zombies are on their way. May 31st at approximately 12pm slt they will make their way into the Carneval. Grab your gear and prepare for your survival. Run and hide or stay and fight that is up to you. But to keep you motivated we have Dj’s booked to play some great tunes and awesome host to keep you all motivated.

But did you really think we would just stop at zombies and Dj’s? Of course not. We are also going to have a huge Zombie raffle. And no we are not raffling off zombies. We have some great creators that have joined us in this raffle. They are grouping together a few products into one box or creating exclusive items just for this. Some are very exclusive and when I say very I mean one of a kind by you will be the ONLY person in sl with this product. There will also be items coming from MadPea from past hunts and may even a few items form the Carneval itself. We are not going to spoil the surprise and tell you what they products are.

We hope to see you celebrating with us the closing of the Carneval and the defending of it as well. Let’s take out the zombies! Party in MadPea style! Raffle some great products! And have the best fun in sl!


Home & Garden EXPO :HUNT & gift

Home & Garden EXPO-related information continues.
HUNT is holding at the event site now.
This is L$10 hunt, and if it is found, please buy it by 10L$.
These L$10 becomes fund-raising to RFL

Home & Garden EXPO関連のお知らせが続きます。
これはL$10ハントで、見つけたら10L$でbuy していただきます。

Participating stores are all and are 31 stores.
If all are found and you buy all, it will be L$310. 

A thing needed can also be chosen and looked for.
A hint and hunt prize are published here

Since fund-raising is the target hunt, what is placed on the difficult place is little. 
参加店は全部で31店舗。全部見つけて全部買えば L$310.
ヒントとhunt prize はこちらに掲載されています。

Although prize of forest feast has not been published yet on the page here,
forest feast has also participated in hunt.
こちらのページにはまだforest feastのprizeが掲載されていないのですが、
forest feastも ハントに参加しています。

prize is this. 

A purple pole-like rose is constructed to a trellis.
The pole-like rose sells colors other than purple. 

Moreover, what was constructed in the shape of a double helix is only for these Hunt. 
(A commodity sold is 1-fold spiral. If 2 are used, it will be doubled, but the thing for hunt is double at 1. )
Please get! 


hint : a pillar of the sales booth" 

Now, I also prepared gift for the expo site. 
In the same purple of old rose, it is a small branch convenient as an extended part of other things. 
I think that it is small but there is volume to the extent that it plants in the corner of the individual yard.
同じold roseのpurpleで 他のものの拡張パーツとして便利な小さな枝組みです。

Please bring home, when you come to the expo site.

Home & Garden EXPO Store of forest feast   It is here
Home & Garden EXPO の forest feastのお店は こちらです。

EXPO 2013 Introduction of the goods for fund-raising 2

Now, it is a continuation of introduction although released by EXPO.
Although it wrote that the roses which it is reasonable and releases with a previous report decreased in number, the "reason" is.
It is because what is made in addition to a rose has been made. 


Soon after making an opening-a-shop application to EXPO last month, there is an offer from sponsorship,
They were whether a part of public space is made and the percussion ?. 


Since it is the fair of the store for making environment, the whole SIM is not developed (It's Fantasy Faire like) , but a road is made or a public yard has necessity.
They were whether the part is made and the offer ?. 

Of course, it accepted most willingly.

Since he thought that he would make fresh roadside trees when EXPO finished in fact, I thought that work of that could be brought forward, but the request was "space like woods." 
Then, a fresh tree is changed to the tree in which the leaf grew thick hurriedly, and it is not roadside trees but a single article.  
And it's a public space.
Therefore, I thought that I would use the thing for fund-raising as in large numbers as possible. 

Therefore, it decided to also make bottom grass newly.

Under those circumstances, one sort of roses which are due to be made were stopped, and it became a tree and the release of bottom grass. 
In addition, the tree is also using this tree taken out at the end of last year.
This tree was also installed in the EXPO store as goods for fund-raising this time. 


Although it's a tree first, it's quite the leaf full.
A color is 2 kinds. Forms is also 2

I think that it can use comfortable even if it enlarges a tree considerably since the fine leaf is put in a lot .

With the texture change, the color at the time of green and autumnal leaves is contained.
Although it can edit, about the item of a texture system, I think whether it was better to change with a script.
(It has set to the numerical value supposing the time of seeing in various environments.) 


And bottom grass.
Since we thought that we otherwise wanted the bottom grass in which various flowers were intermingled from before (there is a thing for present summer), we made as spring weeds. 

But it's likely to be said that there is no grass called weeds.
However, they think that they don't care no matter it may be called by what name. :p

以前からいろんな花が混在した下草が他にも欲しいなと思っていたので(現在夏用のものが1つあり) 、春の雑草として作ってみました。

When writing the poem to adolescence a long time ago. I liked the Japanese poem of 31 syllables. Although then made, there is such poetry. 

What I call a flower also without a name is a flower to which I do not know a name.
First of all, does the flower know its name? 

名も無きと呼ばう まだ名を知らぬ花
そもそはその名 知りたもうや

It's very cheeky well!
If this becomes a magic fantasy talk, there will be a name given from the first in everything primarily, and the name will rule over.
A thing begins " it is named and exists.
It is although various talks fly about.......... 


Daily, I think well that it's good, by "the small flower of that pink", "the vine which can do a red fruit in summer", and such recognition. 
If it says more practical,
"Grass with a delicious stalk", and "grass which can be used for an anti-itch",,,


They are the spring weeds made from such an image. 

It is 3 kinds of flowers mixture of suitable weeds.
Three forms are contained.
There are five colors and purple is a goods for fund-raising. 


Although this public yard is located next to the opening-a-shop space of forest feast, it’s made from the image completely different from a store. 
It is a space which can take breath just for a moment.
Please drop in in the middle of shopping. 

このパブリックヤードは、forest feastの出店スペースの隣に位置していますが、お店とは全く別のイメージで作っています。

EXPO 2013 Introduction of the goods for fund-raising 1

I introduce the goods released according to EXPO


First of all, I was going to renew the rose garden of the main store this year.
Therefore, it was decided that EXPO would also be made into a rose garden. 

Therefore, although 3 sorts were due to release the rose of new, they are only 2 sorts for certain reasons.
They are two sorts of the introduction. 


First of all, it's the series of Old Rose.
This is the renewal version of Old Rose attached to gazebo taken out to the medieval-times fantasy hunt last year. 

Although it is visible to a quite small flower, it is close to the size of the flower of RL.
On the whole stock, it is fairly big. 

Since it can edit, of course, change of a size can be performed.
まずは、Old Rose のシリーズ。
これは昨年の中世ファンタジーハントに出したガゼボに添えたOld Roseのリニューアル版です。

The set containing two sorts of types in alignment with a wall, and the set of arch form & pole form. 
It is the release of 2 types.
Although a texture is different by each type, since the same flower is used, combination is possible. 


And the purple color of the type in alignment with wall was made fund-raising. 
Although some purple of Old Rose is strange in fact, since the image color of RFL is purple, the goods for fund-raising are made into purple in general. 
This Old Rose Purple   It is exclusively for fund-raising goods, and there is no general sale. (although it may come out in EXPO next year again) 
In the rose of our store, it is a popular color so that the person who likes a purple rose may come very well.
However, we adhere to the name of Old Rose, and have no general sale.
Those who like a purple rose need to ask during the EXPO

そして、この壁に沿ったタイプのpurple 色を募金用にしました。
本当はOld Roseの紫って何か変なのですが、RFLのイメージカラーが紫なので、募金用の商品は大概紫色にしています。
このOld Rose Purple は 募金商品専用で、一般販売はありません。(また来年のEXPOには出て来るかもしれませんが、、、)
紫の薔薇が好きな人は結構いらっしゃるみたいで、うちの薔薇のなかでは、人気カラーなのですが、Old Roseという名前にこだわって、一般販売無しです。

(Old Rose is not specific kind. It's a general term for a rose old type.
It is different from Old Rose used as a color name. The range is fairly ambiguous, although there are generally many vine roses and there is much what also has a form of a flower close to a pure breed.  )

(ちなみにOld Roseとは 特定品種ではなく、古いタイプの薔薇の総称です。色名として使うOld Roseとは別で、一般に蔓バラが多く、花の形も原種に近いものが多いのですが、その範囲は結構曖昧です。)

one more rose. 
Wild Rose and a name attach this simply. It's the rose native Japan. 
これは単純にWild Rose と名前がついていますが、日本原産の薔薇の原種の一つで、野茨とも言われています。

I read last year the book a "noibara(wild rose)."
I would like to surely have come to make this rose then. It has released at last. 

To the inside of a book,
The branch which became only the rose seed after a flower finishes comes out. 

I would like to also make it very much and it has come be made only to rose seed in a texture change.
(However, since it becomes a too much lonely sight, the leaf, as for, the color carried out autumnal leaves is attached.)

Moreover, the thing of only a leaf is also contained so that it can use also as a thicket of a low tree.

What was combined so that it might combine freely and various forms could be used since it was wild species, and the thing which has not been combined.
A flexible branch. It enters variously. 

Please build wild yard. 
(However, since the script of a texture change will lose its effect if all are linked, please do not carry out a link after combining.)
(If what was linked is made scattering, a script will move perfectly)


Originally this wild rose also has only white and pink.
However, purple was made to fund-raising. 

Since it's very thin purple, I think that it's comfortable, but this is also the goods only for fund-raising, and there is no general sale. 

Now, finally it is an addition.
It further added to the sweet pea released the other day. 

A color called violet was added as a color for fund-raising. 
Since general sale of the purple is already carried out, deep purple is newly released to fund-raising. 
violet という色を募金用として追加しました。

All are under sale at the EXPO and a main store.
Colors other than fund-raising goods register a copy version into a marketplace soon. 


Home & Garden EXPO 2013 started

Home & Garden EXPO started. 

いよいよ Home & Garden EXPO 始まりました。

It's a large-scale event used 9 SIM.
A house, furniture, and yard.
You who are interested in such making living environment are a must. 


An official page is here! 

And under the SIM group of Home & Garden EXPO, it has adhered 2 SIM.
It's Breedables Fair here. 

This is the fair of "the pet dealer." 
そして今回は Home & Garden EXPOのSIM群の下に、2SIMくっついていまして、
こちらはBreedables Fair となっています。
何かッて言うと、いわゆる ペット業者さんのフェアなんですね。

An official page is here! 

The features of this Home & Garden EXPO are that this Breedables Fair became simultaneous holding and that horticulture stores increased in number from before. 
2 years ago, although most were a builder and the furniture store, horticulture stores are increasing in number considerably this time.
This is very glad. 

今回の Home & Garden EXPOの特徴はと言えば、このBreedables Fairが同時開催になったことと、以前より園芸店が増えたことです。

I (a self-store is a horticulture store :p) also love buying a flower involving the florist of SL.
I think that I will see new work etc. slowly at this opportunity. 


Furthermore, since introduction of the mesh became full-scale, the furniture store is carrying out the full release of the new product of a mesh. 
Although it is environment slightly hard to the person of the environment where a mesh is not seen……………
I think whether to be a good opportunity to reclaim the store which does not know low prim furniture for the person of search.

forest feast is opening a shop to SIM4.
forest feast はSIM 4 に出店しています。

I thought "let's make a rose garden" and it also made the new product into the rose this time. 
However, there is an unexpected offer and it added the thing besides in a hurry.
About the detailed circumstances, it writes to the following report. 


The main of Home & Garden EXPO was a building a long time ago.
Probably because the goods unit price was high, compared with other various fairs, it was an event with comparatively few crowds.

But if the stores of a plant or furniture increase in number, what has a low unit price will increase and it will have become an image which is easy to carry out shopping. 
Home & Garden EXPOはもともとが建築物中心で商品単価が高かった為か、いろんな他のフェアに比べると比較的人出が少ないイベントです。

There is also hunt of L$10buy.
When you have time, please come to seeing. 

お時間のある方は、ぜひぜひ 覗きにいらして下さい。

MothMoth full

I released MothMoth full for a display.
ディスプレイ用のMothMoth full を発売いたしました。

It's here. 
JaZoo MothMoth Club Booth

The report is written also here in detail.  

Key of Hope Hunt Final _ Prize

Key of Hope Hunt part II is till the 19th in May. 
You who completed part I, please don't forget! 
You who were not able to participate in part I.
You can participate from part II, if you buy HUD.

Key of Hope Hunt 第2部は5月の19日までです。

A start point is here.

HUNT Prize is these. (sorry There are some leaks.)
HUNT Prize はこんな感じです。 

 Photo frame   Accessories

 chair, log (for mermaids), TP lug, etc.

 garden lamp, Green House, silk

 small temple, Asian garden light, sofa

 SKYBOX(each scene)



 dwarf avatar

 helmet, dress, pose


 sea horse (vehicle), costume(for petite avatar)

 costume, accessories, horn

mermaid costume, cloak


additional color of a sweet pea

The color of the flower of a sweet pea was added.
A color is 4 colors.
purple, wine, black, white......Now, it became a total of 8 colors.

紫、ワイン、黒、白 です。これで合計8色になりました。

2 colors from which a color is delicately different in one set are contained.


The copy version is sold in the marketplace

4 colors released newly are sale at a half price for one week from today.   (trans version, copy version)

Moreover, white was put into the group limit  lucky board out of the released color.
Please come, when there is time.


Key of Hope Hunt Final

The 2nd phase of Key of Hope Hunt which began from Fantasy Faire started.  Fantasy Faireから始まったKey of Hope Huntの第2フェーズが始まりました。
new HUD      
The person who completed hunt during the Faire thinks that HUD is in the delivered prize.
When there is nothing. It equips with HUD completed by HUNT, and clicks a treasure box. Then, new HUD for hunt can be got.
Moreover, HUD new for those who have not hunted Faire is prepared. 
You can buy this from the vendor of RFL at a start point.
無い場合は、ハントの時に使ったHUD を装着して宝箱をクリックすると新しいハント用のHUDが貰えます。

If new HUD is attached, you will go to a queen's place first.  (It is very near the entrance to a valley) If you touch a queen, directions of a game start will come. 
The rest only solves the problem according to directions.
Since it advances within the same SIM, if even the meaning in question is understood, I will think that it is not so difficult. 


Since there is a prize of the 2nd phase in large numbers very, please get !!

Start point is here. スタート地点はこちら

thank you & coming

Thank you for the attendance to Fantasy Faire.
Even if Faire finishes, the goods for fund-raising are sold for a while at each store.
Please find the logo of RFL in a store.
Moreover, part II of hunt still remains.
Please wait for the signal of the start. 

Fantasy Faireへのご来場ありがとうございました。

Now, after Fantasy Faire finishes, forest feast starts preparation towards the participation in Home & Garden Expo.
Since he thought that we would remodel the rose garden of a main shop this year, it participates also in EXPO in a rose garden. 

さて、Fantasy Faireが終わると、forest feastHome & Garden Expoへの参加に向けて、準備に入ります。

It is a long time that makes a rose garden perfectly.
Of course, some new work is carried in.
Rose favorite you need to wait to pleasure.