Mad Pea Carneval _ Zombie raffle

Although it is Mad Pea Demolition party introduced with the report last time, as it is on a note card, there is a contribution event for financing for new Mad Pea called Zombie rafflre.

as for this, creators(they have been concerned with Mad pea) provide Raffle Boards with  item for fund raising -- the product wins the person who participated in it.  
Item is the assortment of some goods, the limited edition made newly, etc. are various.
Participation is during a party period.which its till June 1
Interested you need to confirm at a party place.
前回記事でご紹介した Mad Pea Demolition party ですが、ノートカードにあるように、そこでZombie raffleという新しいMad Pea のための資金調達用寄付イベントがあります。
これは、今までMad peaに関わって来たクリエーター達が、基金集めの為に商品をRaffle Boards提供して、 それに参加した人に、その商品が当るというものです。
参加は パーティ期間中。6月1日までです .

Its also on the official page of Mad Pea for details. 
詳細はMad Peaの公式ページにもあります。 

Now, forest feast was also allowed to provide with goods the gratitude which was indebted for a while in the past to this Raffle Boards.
The usual goods of forest feast are not so expensive. Then, it was altogether new and became the made limited item. 
Among these, a tree has a different colors sales schedule. (However, how to attach a leaf changes at the time of sale)   Neither a rose nor gazebo will have a sales schedule from now on. 
It is the elegance whose fantasy color is quite deep.
However, since the edit possibility of and a copy are possible for all the items, they think that they are variously easy-to-use. 

さて、forest feastも過去少しお世話になったお礼に、このRaffle Boardsへ商品を提供させていただきました。
forest feastの通常の商品は、あんまり高価なものはありませんので、詰め合わせ、、というわけにもいかず、結局すべて新規で作った限定品となりました。

gazebo is 5prim. (Main part:3prim.Frame of a fall stop:2prim )Attached stairs are 2prim.
A rose is the shape of a flower garden of 1prim. (Many are used.)

2Trees sets are 3prim & 1 is 2prim. 
I made supposing using these in the air, floating them. However, of course, also on the ground, it can use.  

Although I do not know who will get these, I hope that it can be pleasing.  

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