MadPea Carneval is closing down

It is very regrettable information today.
MadPea Carneval which delighted us with wonderful contents will be closed soon.
The demolition party exists from 31st in May 12:00 (SLT).
Hereinafter, the delivered note card is reproduced.
(The note card of this guidance is receivable from the poster of the information booth of a main store.) 

素晴らしいコンテンツで私たちを楽しませてくれた、MadPea Carneval がもうすぐ閉鎖されます。


After 7 months of entertaining SL residents with evil thrills, rides and games, the MadPea Carneval is closing down. While we are sad to see it go, we’re also excited to have the space for creating new!

To celebrate the Carneval, we are arranging a huge Demolition party on May 31st starting at 12pm SLT.

It’ll be 48 hours of non-stop madness in the form of great entertainment, music, and a lot of action as we’re letting the zombies loose on our islands!

Fire and smoke rise on the dark horizon as the minions of the evil Cthulhu work to destroy the Carneval causing mass panic and hysteria! The army has been called forth. The zombies are on their way. May 31st at approximately 12pm slt they will make their way into the Carneval. Grab your gear and prepare for your survival. Run and hide or stay and fight that is up to you. But to keep you motivated we have Dj’s booked to play some great tunes and awesome host to keep you all motivated.

But did you really think we would just stop at zombies and Dj’s? Of course not. We are also going to have a huge Zombie raffle. And no we are not raffling off zombies. We have some great creators that have joined us in this raffle. They are grouping together a few products into one box or creating exclusive items just for this. Some are very exclusive and when I say very I mean one of a kind by you will be the ONLY person in sl with this product. There will also be items coming from MadPea from past hunts and may even a few items form the Carneval itself. We are not going to spoil the surprise and tell you what they products are.

We hope to see you celebrating with us the closing of the Carneval and the defending of it as well. Let’s take out the zombies! Party in MadPea style! Raffle some great products! And have the best fun in sl!


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