Key of Hope Hunt Final

The 2nd phase of Key of Hope Hunt which began from Fantasy Faire started.  Fantasy Faireから始まったKey of Hope Huntの第2フェーズが始まりました。
new HUD      
The person who completed hunt during the Faire thinks that HUD is in the delivered prize.
When there is nothing. It equips with HUD completed by HUNT, and clicks a treasure box. Then, new HUD for hunt can be got.
Moreover, HUD new for those who have not hunted Faire is prepared. 
You can buy this from the vendor of RFL at a start point.
無い場合は、ハントの時に使ったHUD を装着して宝箱をクリックすると新しいハント用のHUDが貰えます。

If new HUD is attached, you will go to a queen's place first.  (It is very near the entrance to a valley) If you touch a queen, directions of a game start will come. 
The rest only solves the problem according to directions.
Since it advances within the same SIM, if even the meaning in question is understood, I will think that it is not so difficult. 


Since there is a prize of the 2nd phase in large numbers very, please get !!

Start point is here. スタート地点はこちら

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