ivy forest D

It introduction by which this is ivy forest series.
ivy forest シリーズのご紹介です。

ivy forest D imagined the ivy kinds which are being crept up from a footing.
The fantastic color is also made even in order to use it in a fantastic scene.
It can also be used for the realistic landscape of course.
ivy forest Dは足元から這い上がってくる蔦類をイメージしました。

The color is 5 colors.A texture can be changed with 2 colors respectively, so it'll be total of 10 colors.The shape is also included variously, so please combine according to the situation.

This including purple is donation goods of RFL.

ivy forest B

This is introduction of ivy forest series.
ivy forest シリーズのご紹介です。

ivy forest B assumes a forest of a thick runner.
If I dive in a dungeon, this is a very gloomy one.
ivy forest Bはうっそうとした蔓の森を想定しています。

The color is 3 color, but you can change the colors in 2 colors respectively. There is also a type with the dew in each color. Please use them appropriately and make me a forest of a gloomy runner.

ivy forest A

Several this runner things were made. I'd like to make forests full of runners, and it's made a series as ivy forest. I'll introduce that in turn.
今回の蔓ものをいくつかつくりました。蔓だらけの森が作りたくて、ivy forest というシリーズにしています。そちらを順番にご紹介していきます。

ivy forest A is a runner with a small flower and is the shape that it's hung from the top.I think it's pretty when only 1 bunch makes them meet a pillar at indoor. When those are hung from the top much, I'm overwhelmed.
ivy forest Aは小さな花の付いた蔓で、上からたらす形です。

The color is 5 color and yellow, blue, white, red and purple are donation goods of RFL.

You can buy donation goods from a vender for donations.

藤(藤波仕立) Japanese wisteria

Hello. I'll inform you of a new product today.
Even if I say so, a halfmoon has passed already since this was released :p
Japanese wisteria which was also submitted to Fantasy Faire.

I think Japanese wisteria sees the one planted in a shelf-like trellis much.But I like this shape using the natural shape of branch.
A "yamafuji" twines around other trees, and is in the wave state of the excellent flower, but this is "nodafuji" which is often used for a shelf.
But, "yamafuji" and the difference in "nodafuji" are the length of the floral bunch and the winding direction of the runner, so I don't worry about it so much in SL, and thinks it may be planted in a mountain. (A runner isn't being drawn so much and.)

The color is changed by a texture change by 2 kinds of" white_pink" and" light purple_dark purple". A texture only of a leaf is also included, so I think you can use an extended period at a garden.
The purple one is donation goods of RFL. Even if  Fantasy Faire ends, the donation is possible, so when it's good, please purchase from a vender for donations.
色は、”白_ピンク”と、”淡い紫_濃い紫” の2種で、テクスチャチェンジで切り替えられます。他に葉っぱのみのテクスチャも入っていますので、結構長期間使えると思います。
yamafuji Wisteria brachybotrys  It winds around other trees at a natural mountain mainly, and grows. When it's seen from the top, the runner is counterclockwise.
nodafuji Wisteria floribunda That winds around other trees at a natural mountain mainly, and grows. I often make them wind around a pergola at a garden. When it's seen from the top, a runner is clockwise.