ivy forest A

Several this runner things were made. I'd like to make forests full of runners, and it's made a series as ivy forest. I'll introduce that in turn.
今回の蔓ものをいくつかつくりました。蔓だらけの森が作りたくて、ivy forest というシリーズにしています。そちらを順番にご紹介していきます。

ivy forest A is a runner with a small flower and is the shape that it's hung from the top.I think it's pretty when only 1 bunch makes them meet a pillar at indoor. When those are hung from the top much, I'm overwhelmed.
ivy forest Aは小さな花の付いた蔓で、上からたらす形です。

The color is 5 color and yellow, blue, white, red and purple are donation goods of RFL.

You can buy donation goods from a vender for donations.

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