Hydrangea m. f. normalis 額紫陽花

A thing to make cannot be made well but I am somewhat in a bad mood :(

In addition, the bug of viewer is not canceled easily.
Therefore, in world length of stay is quite short. 

作りたいものが上手く形にならずちょっと低調気味。加えて、ビュアのバグがなかなか解消されないので、in world滞在時間がかなり短くなっています。

Now, the hydrangea currently regarded as it releasing by the end of June somehow. 
I will inform you that it took out to the shop front at last. 

As for the hydrangea released before, the hand-drawn taste remained.
Therefore, according to it, it has left the hand-drawn taste considerably this time also. 

In addition, he thought at rainy dark time that I wanted a slightly brighter leaf, and it finished the leaf brightly.

This is white.    これは白。

6 colors was released this time. A form differs in the all. Even if it arranges, the same form does not continue. 
It has put on the booth of a Japanese flower
今回6色出したのですが、 そのすべてが形が違いますので、並べても同じ形が続くということにはなりません。

And simultaneously with the release of this hydrangea, the standing group gift at a shop front was replaced after a long time. 

It is the yellow of a Hydrangea m. f. normalis.
If realistic, it was yellowish green, but since it was SL, yellow was taken out strongly to a slight degree. 

It has put on the information booth.
Please activate a group tag and accept it.