SL's Christmas Expo

December comes,and I participat in some events. 

Because the work in November is pushing although it has already started, it is behind the start dash just for a moment, but please let turn introduce.

First of all  
SL's Christmas Expo

This is one of the fund-raising events performed by the RFL sponsorship which is allowed to participate every year. 
Although a fund-raising event is held by various themes every year, this year of Christmas Expo is the 1st time. 
The goods of Christmas have gathered exceeding the genre of a store.
There is also HUNT.
Various trees are also assembled. 

毎年いろんなテーマでイベントが開催されますが、Christmas Expoは今年が初めてです。

If it turns 4 SIM, everything required for Christmas will gather completely.
Please come to play.  


forest feast seldom carries out that seemingly it is Christmas every year.
I think that I will also carry out the event appropriate for it, taking advantage of this opportunity. 

(although it is unknown in whether it does during a period) 
forest feast  は毎年クリスマスらしいことはあまりしないのですが、

A booth is here.
This time It is participation in the same booth as anc Ltd.
今回は anc Ltd.さんと同じブースで参加です。

The start dash of forest feast is behind.
anc Ltd. is fullness lineup. 

Please come for a peep (it is in completely reliance upon others December). 
うちのスタートダッシュが遅れてる分anc Ltd.さんとこは充実ラインナップですので、

The official site of SL's Christmas Expo is here. 

Revival :D

It is an exaggerated title Revival...........
I'm sorry truly. 
One month which carried out non-obligation here and there.

Work of RL did not finish at all.  Time to carry out SL was hardly able to be taken.

The sale of Cozy port was not able to participate after all, either. :(
I felt sorry truly.
Cozy portのセールも参加するつもりだったのに、結局何も出来ず、、・゚・(ノ∀`;)・゚・

There is a schedule of an event in December.
There is also a schedule of new opening a shop.
Only the part in which the schedule is contained now does its best so that it may not drop.


As mentioned above, its restorative information. 

Kawaii Mini Hunt

Hello , I am becoming busy rapidly toward an end of the year. Its already in November .......... 

Now, there are two events by cozy port
One is an anniversary sale. Its a mall sale which has an inexpensive article a lot.
Another is the hunt which flew and exceeded the mall range. It's Kawaii Mini Hunt.
Today is guidance of Kawaii Mini Hunt .
さて、いつもお世話になっています、cozy portさんで2つのイベントがあります。
もう一つは、モール枠を飛び越えてのハント。Kawaii Mini Hunt です。
今日は Kawaii Mini Hunt のご案内を。
(というのも実は セールのほうはこの記事を書いてる時点で、まだ設置していないのでした。。。ごめんなさい)

Hunt is Grid Wide hunt on the theme of kawaii. 
When the poster in a store is touched, you can be got LM of each store.
ハントはkawaiiをテーマにしたGrid Wideハント

find this small flower 探すものはこちらの小さなお花
The hint of each store are here. こちらに各店舗のヒントが載っています。

prize from forest feast is here.    forest feastからのprizeはこちら。
It's seed pot.
In fact, I am using this seed pot by RL. It was reproduced almost faithfully.

LI is 2. (with a flower)
The color of a flower is changed by touch. LI will be 1, if a link is removed and it is made only pot.
Please keep in mind that LI will increase if it enlarges, since it is a mesh.
seed potです。
実はこれ、RLでうちで使ってるseed potをほぼ忠実に再現してみました。
LIは 花もいれて2。

The label has written Mother Goose's song now.
The texture of full permission was included so that it might be changed into this label and a favorite thing.  

Please download and put a favorite character and picture into a standard for the position of the original texture.

It has not hidden in the difficult place. 
If you TP by LM, please walk in a booth toward the booth of the rose which is west as it is. 
It's in such a place. Is small Pink's point in sight? 

Since a thing lovely otherwise gathers a lot, this hunt should participate. 

wind light tree -renew

The reports here are details of the renewed tree.


wind light tree (full season)
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能


It is wind light tree released in April, 2011.
I wanted the budding season and it made from the tree which changes the season which can be used on backgrounds.
It's my very favorite tree. 

2011年4月に販売したwind light treeです。

Old products were used for the portion of a branch 4prim. It was set to 1prim. (total 5prim→2prim)
Therefore, before, It became impossible, although the position of the branch was able to be changed delicately and the tree shape was also able to be changed. 
Since it was an object for backgrounds, priority was given to the prim number.
It sells in tree booth.

枝の部分に4prim使っていたものを1primにしました。(合計5primを 2primに)

It is exchangeable from old products.
A thing exchangeable as an update version is among the renewed roses. 
After examining specification, those who wish to exchange need to send "the previous version with the note card which wrote your avatar name" to mikatsuki Matova
Old goods may suit the purpose of your use more. Please be sure to check specification.  
仕様をご検討の上、交換ご希望の方は、旧作をアバター名を書いたノートカードと共にmikatsuki Matovaまで送ってください。

Magnolia Ginkgo -renew

The reports here are details of the renewed tree.

Magnolia (full season)
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能

Since this is the June, 2008 release, it is quite an old thing.
Now, "the tree into which a season is changed" is common.
Even if searched those days, it was not found at all. Then, it remembers having found difficulty in attaching a price very much. 

The same price as a color change tree was used. A setup at this time became behind and became the cause of producing inconvenience variously. 
Since the season does not need to change, it is because the request that they wanted cheaper one was heard repeatedly. 
As a fact, the trees of only the season of a flower of about 1/3 price sold well.

In this renewal, the tree of only the season of this flower became a sales stop.
And the price of the renewal versions is set up in the middle of the tree which can carry out a seasonal change, and the tree of only the season of a flower. 

Not only set 3prim to 1prim. The script was also changed into the somewhat light thing, and although use textures are also few, it has changed. 

Although sold by Booth of tree, since sales Booth has a demonstration, please try.  

Ginkgo (full season)
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能

This is also the release in 2008.
This is put on the market when the yard full of ginkgo trees is made during the opening of present feast SIM. 

The maximum size of prim was 10 m those days.
Therefore, the texture was cut to two equal parts, and it stuck up and down, and made a 16m tree. 

As for a ginkgo tree, there was much demand in autumn, and it also made the tree of only autumn. 
これは、今のfeast SIMのオープニング期間に銀杏だらけの庭を作った時に発売したものです。

By this renewal, the thing of only autumn is a sales stop. 
And the price of the renewal versions is set up in the middle of the tree which can carry out a seasonal change, and the tree of only autumn. 
In order to correct 6prim to 1prim, Since the texture cut to two equal parts is set to one, resolution of texture deteriorates from a former thing.
今回のリニューアルでは、木蓮と同じく、 秋のみのものは廃版。

Since tree Booth has a demonstration, please try. 

Now, the renewed tree can be exchanged when it has a previous version.  
After examining specification, those who wish to exchange need to send "the previous version with the note card which wrote your avatar name" to mikatsuki Matova
Old Products may suit the purpose of your use more. Please be sure to check specification. 
仕様をご検討の上、交換ご希望の方は、旧作をアバター名を書いたノートカードと共にmikatsuki Matovaまで送ってください。

Old : seasonal-change-less trans version 1 +L$50 → 1 New trans version exchange are possible.
Old : seasonal change trans version 1 → 1 New trans version exchange are possible. 
Old : seasonal change trans possible 3 +L$300→ 1 New copy possible exchange are possible.
Old : seasonal change trans possible 6 → 1 New copy possible exchange are possible.

In addition, as for the old products, the copy version is carrying out only individual sale. Therefore, I will correspond individually. 
You can buy with a marketplace the products of the renewal version which can be copied. 

The renewed tree

Now, although it was the renewal work done little by little, the tree was renewed lately. 

Having renewed is the following 3 sorts. 
- White magnolia of the June, 2008 release.
- The ginkgo tree of the October, 2008 release.
- wind light tree of the April, 2011 release. 

・2011年4月に販売したwind light tree

Although written to the following report for details, it can exchange, when it has the old products.

However, there is also a portion which is somewhat different from the old products. Since the way of a previous work may suit your liking, please confirm well. 
What was planted in SIM is already planted in a new thing.

The difference is as about follows. 

White magnolia corrected 3prim to 1prim. A flexible setup becomes impossible. 
The ginkgo tree corrected 6prim to 1prim. Since the texture which was being divided into two until now was set to one, resolution has fallen.
A flexible setup becomes impossible. 

wind light tree corrected 5prim to 2prim.
Since the branch was summarized to 1prim, the position of a branch cannot be moved.

銀杏は、6primだったものを1primに。 今まで2つに別けていたテクスチャを1つにしましたので、解像度が落ちています。フレキシブルにも出来ません。
wind light treeは5primを2primに直しています。枝を1primにまとめたので枝の位置は動かせません。

copy possible goods & Exchange

copy possible goods are in a marketplace.
trans possible goods are exchangeable for the goods which can be copied, if the difference is done. 


The display which it showed to this is not conspicuous at all.
Indication was received. 

An old display is improved by the reason for saying just for a moment. 

 Now, these displays have disappeared from the store.
However, the marketplace is not lost. Exchange did not necessarily become impossible.


We consider a somehow intelligible display >_<


Such a display was added to the shelf side of each booth today.
Although it is good in becoming intelligible,,,,,,

Although it was writing "Intan is due to be put also on
Aught some day" with the report here→■, it was able to adjust at last and was able to place yesterday. 
こちらの記事 →■ でいづれはAughtにもIntanを置く予定です。と書いていましたが、昨日やっと調節して置くことが出来ました。

Only one place is still put on Aught.
It is the egg surrounded by the butterfly which put the form on
feast in the entrance neighborhood of ruins.
It's this form. 


It is under plan when a dance hall like an air garden is made over Aught now.
The Intan installation can also be said to be the preparation. 


And Intan put also on JaZoo.
feast or Aught, although there are few dances, here is contained to such an extent that it can enjoy here just for a moment. 
(90 or more couple dances are put into feast and Aught. JaZoo is about 30. ) そして、JaZoo にもIntan置きました。
こちらは feastAught  と違い、ダンスの数は少なめですが、ちょっと楽しめる程度には入っています。
feast, Aught には90以上のカップルダンスを入れています。JaZooは30くらいです。)

The other day, I also bought some dances for petite.
This is also regarded as it placing by intan, and is under preparation. 

Since the name of a dance usually becomes the same as for avatars, it does not go to the reason for putting into the same intan,
The form of the Childe machine also considers that it will probably be better to usually change with an avatar, and is under thought. 

先日 petite用のダンスもいくつか買ったので、これもintanで置こうかと思い、準備中です。

Music was also set up in accordance with each place.
Those with Jazz, those with Classic, those with environmental music. 


How about using your date or in order to enjoy a dance? 

萩 bushclover

It is introduction of the flower of a bushclover today.

This also thinks the gayest flower in the seven lowers by one of the seven flowers of autumn. 
It's a flower loved by Japanese people from ancient times.
Many 31-syllable Japanese poems are also made.


Although it is graceful appearance, wasteland may be sufficient, and since it grows up, it is planted for protection of a slope. 
It was mostly distributed throughout Japan and the characteristic kind has also come out by the area. 

The kind which pressed down the feature is chosen especially as this release. 
A color is  purplish red (It can be said to be the representation of a bushclover) & white.
Forms are middle size and large size. The branch lappet part is attached to it.


Basic low trees are 3prim.
But only the part of a flower can be used.
Please use a stock and the branch part of a leaf to carry out prim reduction, removing. 


葛 kudzu

It's introduction of the kudzu released yesterday. 
Seven flowers of Autumn (seven kinds of flowers chosen noting that autumn of Japan is represented) are mainly chosen from the flower which blooms in the fields of autumn.  However, a kudzu will remember summer which was full of the vitality more flourishing than a flower. 
Then, what was made this time turned into that in which only leaves are conspicuous rather than a flower  :p

Even if it cuts and cuts, it increases rapidly. Grass like the pronoun of weeds. 
If it is probably a Japanese, those who have not seen think that they are absent. 
That much, in Japan, it's grass which overgrows anywhere. 

When I thought that I would express the flourishing situation, parts increased in number rapidly and the contents of packing became like this after all. 

By 1 set of trans versions, it can plant in such a situation. 

The flower part has adhered to the gregarious part. 
From a distance, it may not be known at all.
Since it misses carelessly in many cases even if the flower is actually in bloom, please give up there. 


if you use the stock with a flower of a group gift for a gregarious edge when a flower wants to be conspicuous   it becomes good touch ...... or . 
花を目立たせたい場合は、グループギフトの花付き株を群生のふちにお使いいただくと いい感じになるかも、、、です。

Except autumn, if it uses removing a flower part, I will think good. 
I think that you may have a branch lappet part used like an ivy. 

Although a flower is modest, I hope that I play an active part in various scenes by all means since it is the green which can be considerably used for a gland cover. 

kudzu & bushclover

"Whether a new flower was put on the market this month also?" was said. 

 sorry... It became late. 

Seven kinds of flowers representing autumn of Japan.
The kudzu and bushclover in it were drawn.  

It is a release at last.

The details of each flower are the following reports.
It is information of a release first of all. 

It has put on the new product corner at half the price for 1 week. 
A copy version can be purchased in a marketplace. 

I attached the small stock of the kudzu to the notice of a group as a group gift. 
Since you can copy, please plant in the corner of the yard restlessly here and there. 

forest feast Information group

Next ,,  I thought which will announce the release of a new flower to you here. 
However, since it was updated today since information of update of the system which was not being installed came after getting, and the equipment was installed, it is the information this time.

What was not being installed is kiosk for admission of a free information group.
official group subscription restrictions were still 20, forest feast was using the group system of Subscribe-O-Matic. 
When inconvenience came out in the system variously, restriction of the number of official group subscription of in world doubled exactly.
Then, the group was changed to the
official group
However, as for an actual state, there are many people who have repeated admission (a group limit becoming insufficient) and withdrawal. 
まだグループ加入制限が20だったころforest feastSubscribe-O-Maticのグループシステムを使っていました。
システムにいろいろ不都合が出て来た頃に、丁度in worldの公式グループ加入数の制限が倍になったので、良い機会だと思い切り替えたのでした。
Since talk that it wanted the group which does not consume a group frame was also heard frequently, this system was made to use again as a group only for information lately. 
グループ枠を消費しないグループが欲しいというお話も度々聞いていましたので、このたび、お知らせ専用のグループとして、このシステムをまた利用する事にしました。(以前とは少しシステムが違うのですが、基本的にはin worldで入会ボタンを押していただくだけです)

As always the LB or gift, it will be available in the official group.
I think more of this is useful or customers "for the time being, I should just give me information" and.

If you are having you join the official group, information becomes therefore double, does not require admission to the group here.

Some people frame could not be registered in the full group, thank you for this opportunity. 


Gothic cafe Quarter Doll

A new flower was not able to be released in August.
RL was strangely busy.
It is the main causes which were making things other than a flower from SL diligently in addition to the reason to say. 


What was made? "Its a cafe." 
Until now, there is an opportunity to make a friend's store repeatedly and it exhibits the part by another blog. It's my shop this time.

It is such a reason,
An outside scene, interior design. A uniform and drinks. 

Except having mobilized furniture on hand fully, it carried out handmade from one edge mostly.
The cafe is opening today. 


Another blog has an information for details. 

Although I am a horticulture store, there is no flower in a cafe. 
since -- I think that I will release a Gothic soon flower to cafe open commemoration. 

I think that the flower of autumn can be somehow made since it is one pause when opened.
Please already wait for guidance of flower for a while. 


花菖蒲 hana-shobu (renewal)

Although August will finish soon, I am busy only with other things and one has not released a new flower this month.
Information of the flower renewed at least,,,,  is writing it as in a hurry. 

The Japanese iris was renewed although the season was the completely overdue information.  
The price is the same as before.
What was divided into the small stock was set to 1prim.
3 stood, 5 stood and somewhat larger stocks. These three sorts are contained.


The way of the flower garden type was divided and was made in a user friendly manner. 
A border type (3 m x 9 m) & a wide border type (5 m x 9 m) are 2 each.
A longer border type (3 m x 17 m) is 1.
A flower garden type (7.5 m x 10 m) is 1.

It is making so that the same area as conventional 12 m x 18 m may be filled up with this 6(1prim each). 
The prim number decreased from the conventional 16prim to 6prim.
prim数的には 従来の16primから6primまで減少しました。

A copy version is under sale in a marketplace.
In the store of in world, it has put on Booth of a Japanese flower

in worldのお店では日本の花のブースに置いています。

嵯峨菊 sagagiku (renewal)

It is the information of a flower which is advancing renewal little by little.

Usually prim is changed to sculp prim. A form and combination are improved. These are the main renewal work. 
When mesh becomes in use from sculp before long in the thing for environment. 
Moreover, I was worried whether it's redo. 
Even if it changes a size, since the sculp which does not influence a prim number is for plants, can seldom consider the renewal beyond this, but When common prevalent PC becomes more highly efficient, a server becomes stronger and a circuit becomes efficient, plants are also a product made from a mesh, and whether to become altogether with reality? 

Let's have the worries about the future behind. For the time being, it is renewal of the made part,
We announce you this time.   It is the Sagagiku (saga-chrysanthemum). 

In a Japanese flower, it is the flower released early.
although he thought that he would keep flexible since it was a flower of the delicate thin stalk......when a visitor's tendency is seen, there is a tendency more mostly chosen in what is few prim number rather than being flexible thing .
It has been made scalp.

今回お知らせするのは 嵯峨菊です。

A texture is redrawn in upgrade this time.
Moreover, the kind of stock form was also increased. 

I combine and think that it becomes easy to respond to various places.

It has put on the booth of a Japanese flower.

end of Summer Fest & Movement of Booth

I ended "Little Summer Fest" of Cozy Port on this evening.
Much you got the rose of LB during the period. 

Moreover, if you also purchase a flower a lot and it blooms finely in your yard, I will think that it is good. 
本日夕方でCozy Portの Little Summer Fest終了いたしました。

The rose and clematis which were carrying out precedence sale by Cozy Port according to Summer Fest also began sale in a main store.
Moreover, marketplace registration of the copy version has also been performed. 
Summer Festに合わせてCozy Portで先行販売していた薔薇とクレマチスは本店での販売も始めました。

Although the copy version is mainly registered into marketplace, if it contacts me when the thing of hope has not been registered yet, if possible, I will register early. 
The old thing is also advancing registration one by one. sorry,,, however, it does not progress easily for the reasons of "the time which had neglected registration was long", there "there being a thing to renew", etc.
Now, the booth was replaced a little today.
Booth of a potted plant is moved onto the passage to rose Booth.
The place which was potted plant Booth was made into Booth of the plant of a swamp or the waterside. 

It carried out but only still brought the thing of a swamp or the waterside some from the inside under sale now. It's the strategy which makes a space previously and hurries myself like Booth of a herb.
My lack in its technology is very vexing.

Does all Booth fill some day??
I carry out mind like an uncanny patient plan. 


cozy port LB_full full rose pink

Although group notice passed, the lucky board has been put on cozy port.
It's the LB limited color pink of full full rose.
グループノーティスに流したのですが、先ほど、cozy portにLBを置いてきました。
full full rose のLB限定カラーpinkです。

It's receivable without group relations.
It"s turning in 5 minutes by the summer fest limited time offer.
summer fest期間限定で5分で回っています。

Clematis armandii

The 2nd new product is Clematis armandii.
Although we wanted to make the small clematis often used for the background of the rose of an English garden, it was able to make at last. 

Clematis was put on the market also to the summer fest of Cozy Port last year.
Then I said "I would like to make various clematis." 

新商品2つめはClematis armandii です。
イングリッシュガーデンの薔薇の背景によく使われる、小さなクレマチスを 作りたかったのが、やっと作る事が出来ました。
確か、去年のCozy Portのサマーフェスタにもクレマチスを出したのですが、そのとき、いろんなクレマチスを作りたい、、と言ったような事を言ってたと思います。

This is the kind which is called the pure breed line in clematis and by which species are seldom improved. 
A tough vine is extended and it grows up into a quite big stock.  
Although a flower is small, when it is in full bloom, it is wonderful volume and a scent is also expensive,
Since it is a vine and easy to make a form, it is found useful making the natural yard.

これはクレマチスの中で、原種系と呼ばれる、あまり改良されていない 品種です。

Although it has twined and planted in the fallen tree at the side of the rose garden of feast, 5 kinds from which a form is different are packed up so that it may be easy to arrange at the wall of a house, and favorite places, such as a wall.
It can use, even if it makes the root of a flower bed crawl horizontally. 


color is only white. Although the flower color which is not sometimes in fact might be made, since I would like you to use this in white by all means, it was made only into this 1 color.
花色は白一色 原種系のものは花色が少ないのが多く、時々はSLだからいいかなと、実際にはない花色を作る事もあるのですが、これはぜひ白で使っていただきたいので、この1色だけにしました。

Please use for the background of your garden. 

full full rose

Little Summer Fest 2013 of Cozy Port started. 

There are 2 new products from forest feast this time. 
We made at the time of rose garden modification.
Cozy Port Little Summer Fest 2013が始まりました。
今回のforest feastからは新商品2点。

This is introduced today. 

Name is  full full rose
Something is lovely sound. 

Although the neighborhood of ours has a house in which various kinds of roses are planted like a rose mansion, The owner of the yard is taking care of the yard very carefully, and a flowerful of the yard is seen splendidly every year. 
名前は full full rose

It made based on the rose which was in bloom so that it was full to the brim.  
Since it was full of bloom so that is "full full"
溢れるように咲いていたので、full full

The form of Tree is the form of the old time when the rose was called "soubi" in Japan. It has formed thickly to the low tree. 
(If it is called a rose, the image of an Occidental flower is strong, but it is old that the cultivated species went into Japan.The rose itself is a tree with very many kinds, there are also many pure breeds, and the area is also distributed widely.)

I prepared 8 colors.
It can edit. Even if it enlarges and plants, it is drawing so that appearance may carry out. 

I think usage also for the background of a lovely flower.  
Since the sample is planted near the entrance of a rose garden, please look at thing.


Cozy Port Little Summer Fest

Cozy Port Little Summer Fest 2013

The sale of summer of Cozy Port will start tomorrow. 
From forest feast, 2 new product is sold at half the price. 
いよいよ明日からCozy Portの夏のセールです。
forest feastからは 2点 新商品を半額で出しています。

One is full full rose which placed different colors as a group gift the other day. 
It's 2 sets is L$35→L$15 
Another is Clematis armandii
5 forms enter. it's L&50→L$25
The copy version is also placed here. (L$300->L$150)
1つは先日グループギフトで出した full full rose 
2つセットでL$35→ L$15
もう1つは、Clematis armandii 

LB of "full full rose" is also due to be placed from the 21st. 
少し遅れて21日からは full full rose のLBも設置予定です。

The new product also of the store of the others in a mall is an inexpensive price.
Please come by all means during a period! 

Weepingstandard form Rose

Now, it is information of the rose released newly.

In fact, I do not somewhat like the rose of standard form. 
Although the rose of forest feast has many things of the form near wildness, this is my favorite expression as it is. 
I like the figure extended freely than form pruned by having bent the branch.
However, only this weeping standard form is special. 
Originally, I have been charmed from the time of seeing the rose of this form, although there is also a thing which likes the kind called a weeping.
forest feastの薔薇のラインアップを見ていただくと、野趣豊かな作りのものが多いのですが、これはそのまま私の好みの現れです。
枝を曲げ、剪定をし、せっせと形作ったものより、自由に伸びた姿のほうが好きなのです。ですが、このウィーピングスタンダード(weeping standard)仕立てだけは別。

This is the form which Mr. Tsuyoshi Ishii of the Japanese rose gardener developed. After being announced, among the gardeners in the world, it was much talked about.
I hear that wild rose is used for a stock.
I thought that I would next make this weeping standard by all means since wild rose was released this year. 

これは日本人の薔薇園芸家の 石井強さんが確立された仕立て方で、まだまだ歴史は浅いのですが、発表されてから世界の園芸家の間で、とても話題になりました。

It is said that there still are not many kinds suitable for this form. 
It is 2kinds x 4color each + gray for decoration flowers which was made to second life. 
1 stock is made of 2 parts of a base part & increase part of a branch.  
In prim saving, since it can edit, a link is removed, and even if it removes a increase part, it can be used. 
Since the flexible branch is also put in by the addition, when prim has a margin, please use as a variation.
second life用に作ったのは2品種各4色+デコレーションフラワー用のグレイ の9色です。

At a new release price, it is the half of a usual price for one week from today. 

Rose garden Renewal Open

We can announce you renewal opening at last. 
As written with the last report, 1 color of each kind is planted in the rose garden
I think that it is optimal as a sample to plant all the total kind colors. Though regrettable, appearance will not be not much desirable from a prim number, either. A compromise was reached around here.

With modification, the new product was released.
About it, it is the following report. 

Moreover, some old goods are renewed.
Although the continuation contribution of the detailed explanation here is carried out at some reports, the outline is listed here. 

rose renewal version 
rose renewal version

Now, I was allowed to prepare a group gift in commemoration of opening. 
The small stock of old rose (It was popular at Home & Garden EXPO). 
About this, it is a 3-color set.
Since the whole has much green, it does not quarrel with other flowers.
I think that it is an easy-to-use rose.
It can edit, and even if it enlarges so so, it has made so that it may be equal.
Please adjust according to liking. 

Home & Garden EXPOでご好評だったold roseの小さな株。

This is receivable for 10 days in a rose booth.
Please activate a group tag and receive it from the panel here.


The lucky board was placed next to the group gift vendor.
2 colors of different colors of the same rose as a group gift are contained. 

Since it is receivable without group relations, if you win here, please accept it. 
For the moment, the lucky board was not decided during the period. 

2color for lucky board
One more
There is a sale of summer by cozy port soon.
Therefore, since one of the made flowers was a rose, one of them was placed into the rose garden as a limited color of a group gift.

近々 cozy port で夏のセールがあるのですが、その為に作った花の1つが薔薇だったので、そのうち1つを、グループギフトの限定カラーとして、薔薇園の中に置きました。

This is receivable in the tea drinking space in a rose garden for 10 days.
Please activate a group tag and touch the book of a table. 



rose renewal version (Re-printing)

A list portion is re-published. リスト部分を再掲載します。

It is about the renewed rose and the rose of a sales stop

A thing exchangeable as an update version is among the renewed roses. 
After examining specification, those who wish to exchange need to send "the previous version with the note card which wrote your avatar name" to mikatsuki Matova
Old goods may suit the purpose of your use more. Please be sure to check specification. 
仕様をご検討の上、交換ご希望の方は、旧作をアバター名を書いたノートカードと共にmikatsuki Matovaまで送ってください。

Rose encompassed me (field type rose)
old version: Continuation of sales 旧バージョン:販売継続
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能
The prim number of a new version is decreasing. However, since it's Sculpted prim, it's not flexible. An old version has the high flexibility of edit.

An in-depth story is here. 詳細記事はこちらです。 

rose garden end
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange: Impossible 旧バージョンとの交換不可能
By upgrade, flower end for field type became unnecessary.
Although a new flower is released by the same name, specifications completely differ.

field タイプの薔薇のアップデートにより、端に使う為のパーツが必要なくなりました。

An in-depth story is here. 詳細記事はこちらです。 

Stock of Rose
old version: Continuation of sales  旧バージョン:販売継続
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能
New version is 1prim. However, since it's Sculpted prim, it's not flexible. An old version has the high flexibility of edit. 

An in-depth story is here. 詳細記事はこちらです。 
Rose of hanging
old version: Sales stop 旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange: Impossible 旧バージョンとの交換不可能
The previous version is slightly released with the gift.

An in-depth story is here. 詳細記事はこちらです。 

  Arch of Rose
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能
The prim number of a new version is decreasing. However, since it's Sculpted prim, it's not flexible. An old version has the high flexibility of edit. 

An in-depth story is here. 詳細記事はこちらです。 

Rose along wall
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能
The prim number of a new version is decreasing. However, since it's Sculpted prim, it's not flexible. An old version has the high flexibility of edit.  

An in-depth story is here. 詳細記事はこちらです。 

Cage of Rose  Hedge of Rose
old version: Sales stop 旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange: Impossible 旧バージョンとの交換不可能
Cage of Rose from which specification differed was released. 
Cage of Roseと同じ名前で仕様を変えたものを新しくリリースしています。

An in-depth story is here. 詳細記事はこちらです。 

By this update, sale of the copy version was begun, respectively.
The copy version is sold in the marketplace. 

All previous versions are trans possible versions. Exchange with a copy version cannot be performed.