end of Summer Fest & Movement of Booth

I ended "Little Summer Fest" of Cozy Port on this evening.
Much you got the rose of LB during the period. 

Moreover, if you also purchase a flower a lot and it blooms finely in your yard, I will think that it is good. 
本日夕方でCozy Portの Little Summer Fest終了いたしました。

The rose and clematis which were carrying out precedence sale by Cozy Port according to Summer Fest also began sale in a main store.
Moreover, marketplace registration of the copy version has also been performed. 
Summer Festに合わせてCozy Portで先行販売していた薔薇とクレマチスは本店での販売も始めました。

Although the copy version is mainly registered into marketplace, if it contacts me when the thing of hope has not been registered yet, if possible, I will register early. 
The old thing is also advancing registration one by one. sorry,,, however, it does not progress easily for the reasons of "the time which had neglected registration was long", there "there being a thing to renew", etc.
Now, the booth was replaced a little today.
Booth of a potted plant is moved onto the passage to rose Booth.
The place which was potted plant Booth was made into Booth of the plant of a swamp or the waterside. 

It carried out but only still brought the thing of a swamp or the waterside some from the inside under sale now. It's the strategy which makes a space previously and hurries myself like Booth of a herb.
My lack in its technology is very vexing.

Does all Booth fill some day??
I carry out mind like an uncanny patient plan. 


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