Although it was writing "Intan is due to be put also on
Aught some day" with the report here→■, it was able to adjust at last and was able to place yesterday. 
こちらの記事 →■ でいづれはAughtにもIntanを置く予定です。と書いていましたが、昨日やっと調節して置くことが出来ました。

Only one place is still put on Aught.
It is the egg surrounded by the butterfly which put the form on
feast in the entrance neighborhood of ruins.
It's this form. 


It is under plan when a dance hall like an air garden is made over Aught now.
The Intan installation can also be said to be the preparation. 


And Intan put also on JaZoo.
feast or Aught, although there are few dances, here is contained to such an extent that it can enjoy here just for a moment. 
(90 or more couple dances are put into feast and Aught. JaZoo is about 30. ) そして、JaZoo にもIntan置きました。
こちらは feastAught  と違い、ダンスの数は少なめですが、ちょっと楽しめる程度には入っています。
feast, Aught には90以上のカップルダンスを入れています。JaZooは30くらいです。)

The other day, I also bought some dances for petite.
This is also regarded as it placing by intan, and is under preparation. 

Since the name of a dance usually becomes the same as for avatars, it does not go to the reason for putting into the same intan,
The form of the Childe machine also considers that it will probably be better to usually change with an avatar, and is under thought. 

先日 petite用のダンスもいくつか買ったので、これもintanで置こうかと思い、準備中です。

Music was also set up in accordance with each place.
Those with Jazz, those with Classic, those with environmental music. 


How about using your date or in order to enjoy a dance? 

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