forest feast Information group

Next ,,  I thought which will announce the release of a new flower to you here. 
However, since it was updated today since information of update of the system which was not being installed came after getting, and the equipment was installed, it is the information this time.

What was not being installed is kiosk for admission of a free information group.
official group subscription restrictions were still 20, forest feast was using the group system of Subscribe-O-Matic. 
When inconvenience came out in the system variously, restriction of the number of official group subscription of in world doubled exactly.
Then, the group was changed to the
official group
However, as for an actual state, there are many people who have repeated admission (a group limit becoming insufficient) and withdrawal. 
まだグループ加入制限が20だったころforest feastSubscribe-O-Maticのグループシステムを使っていました。
システムにいろいろ不都合が出て来た頃に、丁度in worldの公式グループ加入数の制限が倍になったので、良い機会だと思い切り替えたのでした。
Since talk that it wanted the group which does not consume a group frame was also heard frequently, this system was made to use again as a group only for information lately. 
グループ枠を消費しないグループが欲しいというお話も度々聞いていましたので、このたび、お知らせ専用のグループとして、このシステムをまた利用する事にしました。(以前とは少しシステムが違うのですが、基本的にはin worldで入会ボタンを押していただくだけです)

As always the LB or gift, it will be available in the official group.
I think more of this is useful or customers "for the time being, I should just give me information" and.

If you are having you join the official group, information becomes therefore double, does not require admission to the group here.

Some people frame could not be registered in the full group, thank you for this opportunity. 


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