Weepingstandard form Rose

Now, it is information of the rose released newly.

In fact, I do not somewhat like the rose of standard form. 
Although the rose of forest feast has many things of the form near wildness, this is my favorite expression as it is. 
I like the figure extended freely than form pruned by having bent the branch.
However, only this weeping standard form is special. 
Originally, I have been charmed from the time of seeing the rose of this form, although there is also a thing which likes the kind called a weeping.
forest feastの薔薇のラインアップを見ていただくと、野趣豊かな作りのものが多いのですが、これはそのまま私の好みの現れです。
枝を曲げ、剪定をし、せっせと形作ったものより、自由に伸びた姿のほうが好きなのです。ですが、このウィーピングスタンダード(weeping standard)仕立てだけは別。

This is the form which Mr. Tsuyoshi Ishii of the Japanese rose gardener developed. After being announced, among the gardeners in the world, it was much talked about.
I hear that wild rose is used for a stock.
I thought that I would next make this weeping standard by all means since wild rose was released this year. 

これは日本人の薔薇園芸家の 石井強さんが確立された仕立て方で、まだまだ歴史は浅いのですが、発表されてから世界の園芸家の間で、とても話題になりました。

It is said that there still are not many kinds suitable for this form. 
It is 2kinds x 4color each + gray for decoration flowers which was made to second life. 
1 stock is made of 2 parts of a base part & increase part of a branch.  
In prim saving, since it can edit, a link is removed, and even if it removes a increase part, it can be used. 
Since the flexible branch is also put in by the addition, when prim has a margin, please use as a variation.
second life用に作ったのは2品種各4色+デコレーションフラワー用のグレイ の9色です。

At a new release price, it is the half of a usual price for one week from today. 

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