Hedge of Rose -renew

The reports here are details of the renewed rose.

Cage of Rose  Hedge of Rose
old version: Sales stop 旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange: Impossible 旧バージョンとの交換不可能

The previous version had a rose involved in a fence called Cage of Rose and Hedge of Rose.
The sales stop of them was carried out and similar rose were released newly. 

The following points are different although a rose kind is the same as the previous version
旧バージョンに Cage of RoseHedge of Roseという柵に絡んだ薔薇がありました。

 - It is not a texture about an iron fence portion. The solid is used by sculpted prim. 
 - A flower is 1prim. There is not flexible prim. 
 - A straight type fence and the fence arranged in in the shape of a circle are included.
 - The iron fence and the flower are not linked.
 - Details are upgraded although a kind and the basic form of the texture of a flower are the same.
 - The color number increased.


The contents of packing are as follows. 梱包内容は以下の通りです。
straight 2.5m ストレートな柵 (3prims) x3
straight 5.5m
ストレートな柵 (5prims) x2
straight 8m
ストレートな柵 (7prims) x1
semicircle S 1/4サークル状の柵 (5prims) x2
semicircle M
半サークル状の柵(9prims) x1 

Color is preparing 8 colors. 

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