Rose garden end -renew

The reports here are details of the renewed rose.

rose garden end
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange: Impossible 旧バージョンとの交換不可能


Before, the rose currently sold by the same name became a sales stop. 
It is a thing for compensating the unnaturalness of the end of the flower garden of a cylinder-like rose from the first, is having changed the form of the flower garden, and is because it was less necessary. 

Although the goods here sold newly are the roses of the same kind as a flower garden, they can be used individually. 
(It can be used for the ends of the flower garden of a previous version like before.) 

The roses planted several stocks is 2sets packed up.

The color is preparing the same color as Rose encompassed me(field type rose)
色は、Rose encompassed me (field type rose)と同じ色をご用意しています。

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