Clematis armandii

The 2nd new product is Clematis armandii.
Although we wanted to make the small clematis often used for the background of the rose of an English garden, it was able to make at last. 

Clematis was put on the market also to the summer fest of Cozy Port last year.
Then I said "I would like to make various clematis." 

新商品2つめはClematis armandii です。
イングリッシュガーデンの薔薇の背景によく使われる、小さなクレマチスを 作りたかったのが、やっと作る事が出来ました。
確か、去年のCozy Portのサマーフェスタにもクレマチスを出したのですが、そのとき、いろんなクレマチスを作りたい、、と言ったような事を言ってたと思います。

This is the kind which is called the pure breed line in clematis and by which species are seldom improved. 
A tough vine is extended and it grows up into a quite big stock.  
Although a flower is small, when it is in full bloom, it is wonderful volume and a scent is also expensive,
Since it is a vine and easy to make a form, it is found useful making the natural yard.

これはクレマチスの中で、原種系と呼ばれる、あまり改良されていない 品種です。

Although it has twined and planted in the fallen tree at the side of the rose garden of feast, 5 kinds from which a form is different are packed up so that it may be easy to arrange at the wall of a house, and favorite places, such as a wall.
It can use, even if it makes the root of a flower bed crawl horizontally. 


color is only white. Although the flower color which is not sometimes in fact might be made, since I would like you to use this in white by all means, it was made only into this 1 color.
花色は白一色 原種系のものは花色が少ないのが多く、時々はSLだからいいかなと、実際にはない花色を作る事もあるのですが、これはぜひ白で使っていただきたいので、この1色だけにしました。

Please use for the background of your garden. 

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