Cozy Port Little Summer Fest

Cozy Port Little Summer Fest 2013

The sale of summer of Cozy Port will start tomorrow. 
From forest feast, 2 new product is sold at half the price. 
いよいよ明日からCozy Portの夏のセールです。
forest feastからは 2点 新商品を半額で出しています。

One is full full rose which placed different colors as a group gift the other day. 
It's 2 sets is L$35→L$15 
Another is Clematis armandii
5 forms enter. it's L&50→L$25
The copy version is also placed here. (L$300->L$150)
1つは先日グループギフトで出した full full rose 
2つセットでL$35→ L$15
もう1つは、Clematis armandii 

LB of "full full rose" is also due to be placed from the 21st. 
少し遅れて21日からは full full rose のLBも設置予定です。

The new product also of the store of the others in a mall is an inexpensive price.
Please come by all means during a period! 

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