wind light tree -renew

The reports here are details of the renewed tree.


wind light tree (full season)
old version: Sales stop  旧バージョン:販売停止
exchange : Possible 旧バージョンとの交換可能


It is wind light tree released in April, 2011.
I wanted the budding season and it made from the tree which changes the season which can be used on backgrounds.
It's my very favorite tree. 

2011年4月に販売したwind light treeです。

Old products were used for the portion of a branch 4prim. It was set to 1prim. (total 5prim→2prim)
Therefore, before, It became impossible, although the position of the branch was able to be changed delicately and the tree shape was also able to be changed. 
Since it was an object for backgrounds, priority was given to the prim number.
It sells in tree booth.

枝の部分に4prim使っていたものを1primにしました。(合計5primを 2primに)

It is exchangeable from old products.
A thing exchangeable as an update version is among the renewed roses. 
After examining specification, those who wish to exchange need to send "the previous version with the note card which wrote your avatar name" to mikatsuki Matova
Old goods may suit the purpose of your use more. Please be sure to check specification.  
仕様をご検討の上、交換ご希望の方は、旧作をアバター名を書いたノートカードと共にmikatsuki Matovaまで送ってください。

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