EXPO 2013 Introduction of the goods for fund-raising 1

I introduce the goods released according to EXPO


First of all, I was going to renew the rose garden of the main store this year.
Therefore, it was decided that EXPO would also be made into a rose garden. 

Therefore, although 3 sorts were due to release the rose of new, they are only 2 sorts for certain reasons.
They are two sorts of the introduction. 


First of all, it's the series of Old Rose.
This is the renewal version of Old Rose attached to gazebo taken out to the medieval-times fantasy hunt last year. 

Although it is visible to a quite small flower, it is close to the size of the flower of RL.
On the whole stock, it is fairly big. 

Since it can edit, of course, change of a size can be performed.
まずは、Old Rose のシリーズ。
これは昨年の中世ファンタジーハントに出したガゼボに添えたOld Roseのリニューアル版です。

The set containing two sorts of types in alignment with a wall, and the set of arch form & pole form. 
It is the release of 2 types.
Although a texture is different by each type, since the same flower is used, combination is possible. 


And the purple color of the type in alignment with wall was made fund-raising. 
Although some purple of Old Rose is strange in fact, since the image color of RFL is purple, the goods for fund-raising are made into purple in general. 
This Old Rose Purple   It is exclusively for fund-raising goods, and there is no general sale. (although it may come out in EXPO next year again) 
In the rose of our store, it is a popular color so that the person who likes a purple rose may come very well.
However, we adhere to the name of Old Rose, and have no general sale.
Those who like a purple rose need to ask during the EXPO

そして、この壁に沿ったタイプのpurple 色を募金用にしました。
本当はOld Roseの紫って何か変なのですが、RFLのイメージカラーが紫なので、募金用の商品は大概紫色にしています。
このOld Rose Purple は 募金商品専用で、一般販売はありません。(また来年のEXPOには出て来るかもしれませんが、、、)
紫の薔薇が好きな人は結構いらっしゃるみたいで、うちの薔薇のなかでは、人気カラーなのですが、Old Roseという名前にこだわって、一般販売無しです。

(Old Rose is not specific kind. It's a general term for a rose old type.
It is different from Old Rose used as a color name. The range is fairly ambiguous, although there are generally many vine roses and there is much what also has a form of a flower close to a pure breed.  )

(ちなみにOld Roseとは 特定品種ではなく、古いタイプの薔薇の総称です。色名として使うOld Roseとは別で、一般に蔓バラが多く、花の形も原種に近いものが多いのですが、その範囲は結構曖昧です。)

one more rose. 
Wild Rose and a name attach this simply. It's the rose native Japan. 
これは単純にWild Rose と名前がついていますが、日本原産の薔薇の原種の一つで、野茨とも言われています。

I read last year the book a "noibara(wild rose)."
I would like to surely have come to make this rose then. It has released at last. 

To the inside of a book,
The branch which became only the rose seed after a flower finishes comes out. 

I would like to also make it very much and it has come be made only to rose seed in a texture change.
(However, since it becomes a too much lonely sight, the leaf, as for, the color carried out autumnal leaves is attached.)

Moreover, the thing of only a leaf is also contained so that it can use also as a thicket of a low tree.

What was combined so that it might combine freely and various forms could be used since it was wild species, and the thing which has not been combined.
A flexible branch. It enters variously. 

Please build wild yard. 
(However, since the script of a texture change will lose its effect if all are linked, please do not carry out a link after combining.)
(If what was linked is made scattering, a script will move perfectly)


Originally this wild rose also has only white and pink.
However, purple was made to fund-raising. 

Since it's very thin purple, I think that it's comfortable, but this is also the goods only for fund-raising, and there is no general sale. 

Now, finally it is an addition.
It further added to the sweet pea released the other day. 

A color called violet was added as a color for fund-raising. 
Since general sale of the purple is already carried out, deep purple is newly released to fund-raising. 
violet という色を募金用として追加しました。

All are under sale at the EXPO and a main store.
Colors other than fund-raising goods register a copy version into a marketplace soon. 


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