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Home & Garden EXPO-related information continues.
HUNT is holding at the event site now.
This is L$10 hunt, and if it is found, please buy it by 10L$.
These L$10 becomes fund-raising to RFL

Home & Garden EXPO関連のお知らせが続きます。
これはL$10ハントで、見つけたら10L$でbuy していただきます。

Participating stores are all and are 31 stores.
If all are found and you buy all, it will be L$310. 

A thing needed can also be chosen and looked for.
A hint and hunt prize are published here

Since fund-raising is the target hunt, what is placed on the difficult place is little. 
参加店は全部で31店舗。全部見つけて全部買えば L$310.
ヒントとhunt prize はこちらに掲載されています。

Although prize of forest feast has not been published yet on the page here,
forest feast has also participated in hunt.
こちらのページにはまだforest feastのprizeが掲載されていないのですが、
forest feastも ハントに参加しています。

prize is this. 

A purple pole-like rose is constructed to a trellis.
The pole-like rose sells colors other than purple. 

Moreover, what was constructed in the shape of a double helix is only for these Hunt. 
(A commodity sold is 1-fold spiral. If 2 are used, it will be doubled, but the thing for hunt is double at 1. )
Please get! 


hint : a pillar of the sales booth" 

Now, I also prepared gift for the expo site. 
In the same purple of old rose, it is a small branch convenient as an extended part of other things. 
I think that it is small but there is volume to the extent that it plants in the corner of the individual yard.
同じold roseのpurpleで 他のものの拡張パーツとして便利な小さな枝組みです。

Please bring home, when you come to the expo site.

Home & Garden EXPO Store of forest feast   It is here
Home & Garden EXPO の forest feastのお店は こちらです。

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