*Cupid Heart Hunt*  start!

*Cupid Heart Hunt*  start!

1/31 AM3:00(SLT) *Cupid Heart Hunt* starts.

*Cupid Heart Hunt* by which creator in Japan(20 people or more) offers premium.
It is relay type Hunt advanced as LM of the next store is traced.

A wonderful premium suitable for Valentine is prepared, and each store waits for you.

The starting point is here.
LM can be received from the poster set up in the information booth in our shop.

Please enjoy Hunt.


*Cupid Heart Hunt* 開始!

1/31 20時(日本時間)から  *Cupid Heart Hunt* が始まります。

20名以上の日本のクリエーターが提供する、 *Cupid Heart Hunt* は 


当店のインフォメーションブースに設置されたポスターからも LMを受け取れます。

Please enjoy Hunt.

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