Gift Miniascape

Today's gift is "Leaf of moonlight", "leaf of lovely grain" &"Muscari" of the new sale were used a miniascape.
It saw commemorating SIM name of Miniascape that had guided it yesterday.
今日のgiftは 新発売の 「Leaf of moonlight」と「leaf of lovely grain」と 「ムスカリ」を使った、小さな箱庭です。
昨日ご案内した MiniascapeのSIM名にちなんでみました。

There is 20prim. It's a toy house.
open the edit menue first, the miniascape has some un-linked parts, move carefully. Please take care about the place REZ on.
リンクされていませんので、REZする場所に ご注意ください。先に編集画面を開いてから出してください。

I had planted a small stock of "leaf of lovely grain" on the edge of feast yesterday.
It is a purple stock.
It is lucky when finding it.
It is possible to change it with one stock.
昨日、leaf of lovely grainの 小さな株を、feastの端っこの方に植えてきました。
見つけたら ラッキー。1株もってかえれます。

Sales from today. There are a field type and one-stock type.
In the field type, there are the one with the flower and that not is.
販売は 本日から。野原タイプと 1株タイプがあります。

We think that you can use it also for a real garden and a fantastic garden.

The muscari is a release schedule on Monday.
Will you come to want to arrange the flower of spring slowly?
ムスカリは 月曜日にリリース予定です。

Incidently, do you know the flower bud of spring is set in the main garden of feast?
Because it was cold, it was moved to the greenhouse.
Various flower bud was set. It becomes glad for a moment when it is in the garden.
It is possible to take it home with L$1.
L$1 でお持ち帰りいただけますので、よろしければ 庭の片隅にどうぞ。

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