A lot of predecessors have already put out very good Calla in SL and it exists.
It was not thought that I purposely put it out because there was considerably the good one of the quality even if it was free.
SLでは既に多くの先人がとてもいいカラーを出してくれていますし、フリーでもかなり質のいいものがあるので、わざわざ出すこともないな、、、って 思っていました。

However, because it terribly liked the drawing style of the leaf because the illustration of Calla was found at casual time the day before yesterday, I thought, "I want Calla of such a leaf".
 ところが、一昨日 ふとした時に カラーのイラストを見つけて、その葉っぱの描き方がすごく気に入って、「こういう葉っぱのカラーが欲しいなぁ」と思ったんです。

Then, I drew such a leaf. However, there was too a sense of incompatibility when bringing it in to SL. It has become a picture considerably different from former image after all.
 描いてみたけど、、SLに持ち込んだら違和感あり過ぎて、結局かなり 私風になってしまいました。。

On that score ,this calla, the leaf is a leading part.
 Aroid department has many houseplants. There are many friends of beautiful leaf.
It is two kinds this time though the calla also has the cocktail of colors and the leaf of shape.
wide width Leaf with waves a little & Leaf with spots.
(Because the leaf is a leading part.)The number of flowers is less than that of calla sold by another.
In addition, the texture can change by touch.
The one that the flower is in blossom and the one only of the leaf can be chosen.
 なので 作ったカラーは 花より葉っぱが主役のカラーです。
 葉っぱが主役なので たぶん他で売ってるカラーより、花の数は少なめです。

The color is thin pink, pink, white, yellow, orange, red, & black.
There is really jet-black calla near my house , and the flower is inky though the leaf is green. The stalk is also inky.
I mimicked it.
 色は 薄いピンク、普通のピンク、白、黄色、オレンジ、赤、黒。

 It is good and watches several plants or a thing planted in a mass in the waterside in the garden.
 After all white will match the waterside most.
 Only white made the thing which I put several plants on in a mass.
 庭作りでは 水辺に何株かまとめて植えたりするのが定番のようです。
 白だけ 数株まとめて植えたものも作りました。

 We sell seven colors of sets for L$70 only for 3 days from today. (Regular price:L$20×7=L$140)
 Please enjoy various colors.
 本日から3日間だけ 7色セットにしたもの(L$20×7=L$140)をL$70で販売します。

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