New fantasy garden & Release

From forest feast We sent the last gift that used the Subscribe-O-Matic group list.
The group of "forest feast" shifts to the group of the system of in world in March.
This group gift sends a different thing to "group of Subscribe-O-Matic" and "the group of in world".
Please find the forest feast group with in world. And, please obtain two kinds of gifts.

forest feastから、
Subscribe-O-Matic グループリストを使った最後のギフトを送りました。
3月から「forest feast」のグループは in worldのシステムのグループに移行します。
今回のグループギフトは Subscribe-O-Matic のgroupと in worldのグループに違うものを送っています。
in worldで forest feast グループを 見つけてください。
そして 2種類のギフトを手に入れてください。

Our garden is redecorated little by little now.
I transplanted the flower of the flower field a lot the other day.
The fantasy garden beautifully transmogrified it.

お店の庭は、今 少しづつ改装されています。

We grew the flower for a new fantasy garden.
We think that they look beautiful in the garden of the night.
Moon Step
is a kind with white color of the leaf.
Night Step is a kind with black color of the leaf.
There are flower field type and several stocks sets.
6 colors in all.
Moon Step は 葉っぱの色が白い種類。
Night Step は 葉っぱの色が黒い種類。

A special color was prepared in the group gift.

The copy version can be bought in the marketplace.

Please enjoy a new by all means a fantasy garden.
ぜひ 新しいファンタジーガーデンを楽しんでください。

fantasy garden

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