wind light(Background tree with folwer 01)

季節の変えられる バックグランドツリーを発売しました。
We released "Background tree" in which the season was changed.

When the owner touches, the texture (season) can be changed by the dialog that comes out.
There are 12 kinds of textures.


花の色は 白、ピンク、オレンジ、赤、黄色、青 の6種類あります。
Lサイズが5prim, Sサイズが1primです。

Winter : withered,snow,
Spring : sprout, fresh green, fresh green & flower
Summer : Green leaf, green leaf & flower, green leaf & berry
: Autumn tint1, Autumn tint1 & berry, Autumn tint2, fallen leaf

There are 6 kinds of colors of the flower (white, pink, orange, red, yellow, and blue).
size : L(15m)= 5prim. S(10m)= 1prim

また、白から赤までのMIXカラーは Move for F of Japanの募金商品となっています。
Moreover, the MIX color from white to red is a fund-raising commodity of Move for F of Japan.

It is a very beautiful tree of the sprout.
Please come to the garden of feast to see.

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