Tiny Glow Flower ~ Valentine version ~

today is information of another Valentine goods.
The small flower which shines palely was made from the flower of a fantasy.
Since this divides the leaf and the flower, only a flower shines.
In a dialog, the transparency of a flower, the rate of glow, display or undisplayed of leaf, and etc. can be adjusted.
I prepared 6 colors of colors.

And the texture change which changes a flower to the heart was put into Pink, red, and white of this flower as a Valentine version.

During Valentine, it is a decoration of the heart.
If it passes over Valentine, I will have you enjoy myself as an ordinary flower garden.
バレンタイン期間は ハートのデコレーションで。
Although it is visionary, a flower is modeled on the form of the flower which actually exists, and is drawn.
If Glow is cut, it is OK, even if a realistic flower is mixed and it plants.

Usually, although it is the price L$50, it is L$25 of a half price at a new release sale till February 14.
Furthermore, a Valentine limited version is sale by L$10.
Please do not miss this opportunity.
In addition, while there is 3 color, red is the limited sale of cozy port Mall.
通常価格L$50ですが、新発売セールで 2月14日まで 半額のL$25.
なお、3色あるうち、赤は cozy port Mall の限定販売です。

With cozy port Mall Valentine Fair is from February 4th to the 14th.
cozy port Mallでは 2月の4日から14日まで、Valentine Fairが開催されます。
Since the lovely Valentine goods are full, please come to shopping.
Information of Valentine Fair of cozy port Mall is here.
cozy port MallのValentine Fairのお知らせはこちらです。

These sale is from the 4th in February.
ここでお知らせした花の販売は 2月の4日からです。

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