Registration to Marketplace

It seems that the system change of Marketplace to which an early stage and fault were reported has settled down recently. Registration of the goods of forest feast was resumed.

forest feast sell the copy version by Marketplace fundamentally.
However, since it was seldom utilizing, registration is behind. 
Now, it's 1/5 or less of the flower currently sold that has registered.
forest feastは、コピーバージョンは基本的にMarketplaceで販売するようにしているのですが、もともとあまり活用していなかったため、登録が遅れています。

Since registration is advanced in an order from the thing with a request, please inform me, when a copy version is required. 

In addition, what was released recently sells the copy version also by in world.  
However, simultaneously with the completion of registration to a Marketplace, this has erased the copy version from the store of in world.
It thinks simply……………place & prim are double necessities when trans version & copy version place both.
なお、最近リリースしたものに付いては、Marketplaceへの登録が間に合わないものは、in worldでもコピーバージョンを販売していますが、登録完了と同時に、in worldのコピーバージョンは店舗から消しています。

I think "when or all goods are registered" however .... with the long future  

forest feast Marketplace store

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