for auction

It's the Fantasy Faire ball which starts soon, but we don't put goods yet.
All goods are complete with a new design. But a vender isn't made yet. 
 We'd be in time by the opening time of the event.もうすぐ始まるファンタジーフェアですが、商品全然並べておりません。

I make sure that the Fantasy Faire won't bring many too realistic flowers in. But 1 of Fuji's flower is brought in this year.
Because the one made for auctions is Fuji like a waterfall.
It's for auctions, so article not for sale. I like this fairly. But I think it's generally difficult to use.


A theme of this year's forest feast is ivy forest in the back. Various ivy was collected.
あとは、今年のforest feastのテーマは ivy forest ということで、ツタ類ばかりをいろいろ揃えました。

We'd like to introduce that eventually.
We have to make do for a vender first, ><


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