New hint

 昨日in出来なかったまま 外出しちゃったので、、、><
 1日遅れましたが 本日の日付変更時に アップしてきました。
 A new hint has been improved today though it was late all day long.

 blog 特別ヒントです。
 In addition, it's blog special hint.

 The tree has grown up at a dash. The shape of the tree is shape the tree original.
 However, it is not this shape that you sees in general.

 Is not original shape seen? The reason is around here.

 そして、これは 丁度(北半球で)今の季節の木の様子です。
 つまり、、常緑樹は 候補から外れると言うことですね。
 And, this is an appearance of the tree of a season today just (In the northern hemisphere).
 This isn't ,in a word, an evergreen. This is a deciduous tree.
 (The color of the leaf is somewhat different because of the kind. )

 さて、本日からの正解者への賞品は、この木の フルシーズン、no copyバージョンです。
 よく考えて ぜひ当ててください。
 Well, the prize to the person who gives the right answer from today is full season of this tree (no copy version).
 We're waiting for the correct answer.

 やった〜〜 フルシーズンコピーバージョン賞品獲得者 お初です。
 クイズが終わる迄 正解者の発表は出来ませんが、おめでとうございます〜〜。
 By the way, was there a person who gives the right answer by today?
 Yes,One correct answer.
 Congratulations though the person who gives the right answer cannot be announced until the quiz ends.

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