donation vendor of RFL

 Fantasy Faire was over, and put booths in order today.
 Thank you for a lot of arrival.
Fantasy Faireも無事終わり、本日ブースを片付けてきました。

 Faire was over, but the activity of RFL is not over.
 I put the donation vendor of RFL in the main shop at a while.
 All the buying expenses become fund-raisings to RFL if it buys it by this vender.
 We wish to express our gratitude for your good intentions.
 RFLへの 募金ベンダーは こんなふうに しばらくは本店に設置しておきます。
 こちらでお買い求めいただければ、その分は 全額 募金になりますので 宜しくお願いします。

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