Some information from forest feast

Hello .

We put Shizuku (20prim-Fullprim version that sold in Fantasy Faire) on feast-SIM
This is different colors that I sold by a Fantasy Faire.

Shizuku of this full prim version is a limited sale of each one color. Please do take after it buys it because it is original sales.
The buyer can exchange it by hope for the copy version. Please send a notecard to me in the case of the exchange hope.
But there isn't the exchange with the other colors because it's limited sale produc.
ファンタジーフェアで販売した full prim バージョン(20prim)のShizuku を feastのSIMにも置きました。
このfull prim バージョンのShizukuは 各色1個の限定販売です。オリジナル販売ですので、購入後必ずtakeしてください。
購入者は希望により コピーバージョンと交換出来ます。交換希望の場合は 私にノートカードを送ってください。

We put the shadow of the tree which moved by wind. It's L$1.
It is put beside the shadow (L$1) of the tree which does not move. (information booth)We don't add a shadow to a plant of forest feast. Please take it home if necessary.
It's mod OK copy OK.
風に揺れる樹の影をL$1で置きました。今までの揺れない影(L$0)の横にあります(インフォメーションブース)forest feastの植物には 影をつけていません。必要な方は、こちらからお持ち帰りください。

There are some freebie and dollarbie in the garden of feast SIM. You are lucky if you take a walk and find them.
There may not be always them in a garden.
The thing which there is for one year. The thing which there is only for one week. It's various.
feast SIMの庭の中には 他にも freebieとdollarbieがいくつかあります。もし散歩していてそれらを見つけたらラッキーです。
庭の中のそれらは いつもそこにあるとは限りません。

For example, a small dandelion was last week in the side of the wall.
For example, the tulip of the article not for sale is planted in somewhere now.

These are put as freebie that isn't announced. And it's removed quietly.
Do not look for it. Please enjoy an accidental encounter ;)

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