Petunia Hanging

Hello.We sent the group gift and the note card.
The gift is petunia hanging of the new sale. It is mix color of the gift limitation.
こんにちは。先ほど グループギフトと ノートを送りました。
ギフトは 新発売のペチュニアハンギング。ギフト限定のmixカラーです。

We released the hanging ball of the petunia today.
In the petunia, there are a lot of improved varieties, and the number of colors is very abundant flowers.
We chose some kinds from among that, and planted it in the hanging ball.

1 set =
Hanging ball of 1prim
Hanging ball of 3prim
Wall hanging of 3prim
There are Ssize and Lsize respectively.

2 sets to 1 box.
Please choose the color of the favorite.

それぞれ Sサイズと Lサイズが入っています。

This petunia is not put on the headquarters of forest feast.
It chiefly sells it at the branch that treats the flower for the decoration.
このペチュニアは forest feastの本店に置いていません。
主に デコレーション用の花を扱う 支店で販売しています。

** And, it informs you who like gardening of it. **
**そして ガーデニングが好きな皆さんへお知らせです。**

There is a small mall named Oberon 's Garden Mall where wonderful gardening goods become complete.

A small hanging ball of the petunia was put on a small booth here.
The petunia of Bi-color has entered the box by three colors though is only a small size.
This Bi-color is a limited sale in this garden mall.

すてきなガーデニンググッズが揃う Oberon's Garden Mallという名前の 小さなモールがあります。

ここの小さなブースにも ペチュニアの小さなハンギングボールを置きました。
この Bi-colorは このガーデンモールでの限定販売です。

:::::::: For one week from today in commemoration of this sale. ::::::::
:::::::: red & purple color of each kind is sold with L$40 !! ::::::::
::::::::    この発売を記念して、今日から1週間。     ::::::::
:::::::: それぞれの品種の赤と紫の色を、L$40で販売します。 ::::::::

It is a beautiful flower that can be used all the year round. Will you decorate it with the flower in your house?

== Hunt Humming Heart by forest feast = mikatsuki Matova ==

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