Shadows & Spirits

Shadows & Spirits
October Exhbition - Ventura Arte & Jardin
opening 10/10/10 1pmsl
exhibition 10/10 - 10/31

Exhibition Artists:
Ariel Brearly
Nebulosus Severine
exceptionnels de chant, opening music: Ms. Tamra Sands

Welcome to Shadows & Spirits,
the exhibition for the month of October at Ventura.
October brings a certain darkness, sometimes filled with shadows and spirits...

It is my honour to present two unique artists in an exhibition filled with dark, haunting beauty.

When I first viewed the imagery created by Ms. Ariel Brearly,
I was captivated by the rich, dark, and yet whimsical moods she creates.
This show contains a retrospective of Ms. Brearly's works.
Many of the images are centered around the dark mystery of the feminine.
All are captivating.

Nebulosus Severine - Neb never fails to surprise with her thought provoking installations, often dark, sometimes startling, always original.
Neb has created the installation "Ulalume" for this exhibition. Please walk thru the gallery and enter the installation from the gallery porch.
"Ulalume" is a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1847. Much like other Poe poems (such as "The Raven", "Annabel Lee", and "Lenore"), "Ulalume" focuses on the narrator's loss of a beautiful woman due to her death.
Iit makes many allusions, especially to mythology, and the identity of Ulalume herself, if a real person, has been questioned.

今日 案内を貰って行ってみたんですが、幻想的な絵画。。多分SSを加工して作られているのかと思います。。。が

案内の最後に 自分の名前があったのでびっくりしたのですが、(ここではその部分はカット)

しかし、会場よりも展示場で 作品に入り込んだ方が楽しめると思います。

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