Fantasy / Roleplay themed hunt

The hunt runs from May 16th until July 16th.
ハントは 5月の16日〜7月の16日までです。

The Hunt for Life is a Fantasy / Roleplay themed hunt with awesome stores taking part and fantastic prizes!!
The Hunt for Life is being run as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society through the Relay for Life Second Life.

ファンタジー/RP ハントは Second Life のRFL主催で行われる、アメリカ癌協会の募金の為のイベントです。

Please view our blog to see the stores taking part :)

**************How to Hunt**************

Simply visit the Hunt Centre and use the Hunt HUD donation vendor to purchase the Hunt HUD which you must wear to collect the hunt prizes.
The prizes will be contained in the small medicine bottles (models are on the hunt signs).
まず、Hunt Centreを訪問します。
そして、寄付ベンダーから、ハントに必要なHunt HUDを購入してください。

The vendors used to accept donations for the hunt hints are provided by the "Relay For Life of Second Life" group who are a BBB accredited charity (
For more info on the Relay For Life of Second Life please visit their website at :

セカンドライフのRelay For Lifeの詳しい情報に関しては、以下のウェブサイトをご覧ください。

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