Watasuge (Cottonsedge)

Cottonsedge is a grass that clusters comparatively in cool wetlands.
An unremarkable flower blooms in spring.Pufpuf fluff is an impressive grass.

優しげな姿が 茶人に好まれ、茶花としてもよく使われます。
Scirpus hudsonianus is fluff that is smaller than Cottonsedge.
A gentle appearance is liked by the master of the tea ceremony.

We made both in clustering of 2prim.
Because we had wanted to swing it to the wind, The one of several stocks used usuallyPrim.
The flower in the field is good, and as for planting on the corner of the garden quietly, it is pleasant.

 ワタスゲのコピーバージョンを Move for F of Japan の募金用商品にしています。
 本店の新作コーナー(Information boothの横)のほか、6月の募金商品販売会場でも、ご購入していただけます。

The copy version of Cottonsedge is made a commodity for the fund-raising of Move for F of Japan.
It is possible to buy it in a new corner of the headquarters (side of Information booth) and the fund-raising commodity sales place of June.

The sample is planted near the river in the grass of Aught.

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