Booth guide

It is a sale booth of forest feast having you point out that the sale place of the flower is hard to find, Various visitors give me various suggestion.
以前から お花の販売場所が解りにくいとご指摘いただいてるforest feastの販売ブースですが、いろんなお客様が、業を煮やしていろんなご提案をくださいます。

Assign sales Booth in the center of SIM. (the main booth is the middle of SIM Because it is the top of the hill, it is hard to only look.which I place on a hill so that the scene from a garden does not fail)
It should be a shop, and build a building to know
In fact. (the booth of forest feast hardly changes form from a beginning and is a booth without the roof. This does not intend to change it for the moment)
どどーんと店だと解りやすい建物をブッ建てろとか。forest feastのブースは実は最初からほとんど形を変えず、屋根のないブースです。これは今のところ変えるつもりがありません。)
Please can buy it from a flower planted in the garden directly. (when a visitor enjoys a garden, it is an unpleasant thing that L$ mark appears whenever they change mouse pointer, and it is rejection)
庭に植えてある花から直接買えるようにしてくれというのもありました。すごく丁寧な「直接変えるようにするには、こうするのよ、」というやり方付き提案とかもあったXD (お庭を楽しんでいる時にマウスポインタを動かすたびにL$マークが出るなんて無粋なことしたくないから、それは却下です)

However, because it wants to be improved somehow that a visitor is illegible, I do it slightly in various ways.
I began the registration to marketplace a little.
I can go ahead in marketplace to be able to buy a copy version mainly.
marketplaceでは主に コピーバージョンを買えるようにしようと進めています。
I modernized the TP board to each sale booth in the information booth to be plain. I think that I am early when I have you do TP from here if a thing to buy is the same.

And I wrote foot guide to each booth.
そして、各ブースへのfoot guide も書いてみました。

We think that make a catalogue site, and it will be good to link with a sale place most.However, there are many products and does not readily advance than I thought,
本当は カタログサイトを立ち上げて、販売場所とリンクするのが一番いいのでしょうけど、思ったより商品が多くて、難航しています。

I want to start it by the end of this year of the site.

Please send IM when You don't found a sale place.
I send LM which can arrive at a direct booth.
If it is time when I do login.
もし 販売場所が解らないX( って言う時は、IMを投げてください。直接ブースに辿り着けるLMを速やかに送らせていただきます。inしていたら、、、ですが。

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