When making the fantasy plant and roses these days, We are trying to add Blood color if possible.
Since the initial avatar which Linden offers has a category called a vampire, we are conscious of it.
Blood color があります。

Those plants, the plant of the Goth image made for JaZoo SIM, and the place that places a decoration etc. were made.
それらの植物と、JaZoo SIMの為に作ったGoth系の植物や、デコレーション等をまとめるように、場所を作ってみました。

Although Goth of SL is the touch with which a ghost and Gothics mingled, as for the thing placed here, much of my liking is contained.
A bright flower garden is the different image.
I would like to be also able to increase the goods here.

For the time being, although the existing thing is placed a little now, prickles which are put on the market newly will be put on this Booth.

Since whole JaZoo SIM is also remodeled little by little, please come to play.
JaZoo SIM全体も少しづつですが、改装していますので、ぜひ遊びにいらして下さい。

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