feather nest

-Nest- made with the feather of the bird was remade.  
Although I thought that I would make it small for petite avatar, having made is a former thing fairly and there are many prim numbers.
昔作った、鳥の羽でできた巣。Nest を作り直しました。
petite avatar用に小さくしようと思ったのですが、作ったのが随分前のことで、prim数が多い。

Then, I thought that I would remake newly at this time, prim was reconstructed, and what was 10prim is 3prim.  
A texture is also remade and it is a light image softer than a former thing.

Incidentally. Since the booth of fantasy goods was becoming narrow, prim number in a booth was also saved.
Before, it sold according to each color.
As the color change could be carried out, new collected into one.

Although I thought that I would also incorporate pose rather, since pose ball was an egg shape of the bird, this saved.
(Form and texture of the egg were made new) 

The nest made only by feather is 2prim + Egg of pose ball (total 3prim). 
And the thing which added under feather the foundation which constructed the wooden branch. (total 4prim).
These 2 are 1 set.
It's sale in the booth of fantasy goods.
羽だけで作った巣が2prim + ポーズボールの卵(計3prim)。

Price goes up it's L$75
Supposing you have a previous version and wish exchange of that,
Please send a note card to mikatsuki Matova.
I exchange the old products which you have. (difference is unnecessary)
お値段は以前より少し上がって、L$75ですが、もし、以前のバージョンをお持ちの方で、交換ご希望の方は、mikatsuki Matovaまでノートカードを送ってください。

for petite avatar becomes another specification.
no color change & on animation change.
This will also be sale soon. 
petite avatar用は また別仕様で、色替えは無し。アニメーションを切り替えて作っています。

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