renewal _Pillar of Rose

In order to renovate the rose garden in the spring, I have renewed little by little the old roses for sale.reduction prim, texture review, review of the content of the set.
Along with it, there are a few rose to stop selling.

Yesterday I recreate the Pillar of Rose
Since this rose is one that is tailored to the shape of the pillar, there is no need to sway in the wind. To the usually prim sculpted prim to reduce prim.
Re-draw the texture, I made all color size L, and M size.
昨日は Pillar of Roseを作り直しました。
この薔薇は柱の形に仕立てているものですので、風に揺れる必要はないので、通常 prim から sculpted prim にして、prim削減。

1 share of L size. 2 shares of M size.
It's L$50.
A copy version can be purchased in a marketplace.


BOX of sale of a flower,
The flower with many color numbers is the combination of round sale box according to a square panel and color.
The panel with a square flower with few color numbers is sale box directly. 

色数の多い花は、四角いパネルと色別の丸いsale boxの 組み合わせになっています。
色数の少ない花は、四角いパネルが直接sale boxになっています。

Although there are many color numbers, the square thing of panel-like sale box is an old flower altogether, and there will be a schedule of renewal from now on. 
Also by square sale box, a small thing is sold without renewal as it is.
Or the thing which will carry out a sales stop from now on.
It becomes either. 

色数が多いのに、すべて四角いパネル状のsale boxのものは、古い花で、今後リニューアルの予定があります。
四角いsale boxでも、小さなものは、リニューアル無しでそのまま販売か、今後販売停止するかのどちらかになります。
Although renewal is advanced one by one about the present rose, when renewal by a texture as it is is difficult, it may become simultaneous sale of the versions 1 or 2.

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