Rush (Juncus effusus) い草

Today's introduction is rush. 


When the fund-raising goods of JAPAN FAIR were considered at first, only quite quiet flowers were considered. 
But if it thinks well, a quiet flower does not sell truly. 
I like it, it is good. .
Since there is no impact even if it plants it, only those who have a margin in prim use. 

Therefore, the cherry tree of the representative of spring Japan was made.
However, I would like to also make a too quiet thing.

Simplest rush in what was being partly mentioned to the candidate was chosen.
最初JAPAN FAIRの募金商品を考えた時、かなり地味な花ばかり考えていました。

I have planted in my home all the time, and thought that I would make in when. 

The structure of this grass is somewhat interesting.
It is said that the place of the shape of a long stalk like a needle is a branch of a flower in fact. It is said that a simple flower is there and the upper part is calyx from a flower. 

When it is heard, "This will be evolution for what." there is a memory at which I wondered considerably.

Although it is English name Rush, even if it googles by rush, this grass does not come out at all. It will come out, if it refers to a scientific name. 
Treatment is pitiful although it is grass indispensable to Japanese people.
英名Rush なんですが、検索するときは学名でしないとrushでググってもこの草全然出てきません。

Rush is fund-raising goods of JAPAN FAIR 2014.
It becomes sale of only an event site during an event period. 

この草もJAPAN FAIR 2014の募金商品です。イベント期間中はイベント会場のみの販売となります。

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