Fantasy Faire 2014

It starts still more. Fantasy Faire 2014
May 1-11

Of course, we participate this year also.
Hunt, an auction and a contest, a live event, etc. Various events are many during a period.
The contents are substantial increasingly. 

forest feast is Mr. Alia Baroque's SIM this year also. The name of SIM is Sanctum
I wished to make some from the image "the Gospel to a heavens".  But,,,It seems that however, My brains is smeared with dirt.
The result made as an experiment partly.
What was released turned into only what have high height.

今年もforest feast さんのSIMです。SIMの名前はSanctum

I would like to introduce fund-raising goods gradually this blog. 

Fantasy Faire is for 10 days. 
Although the fantasy-related event has increased considerably recently, I think that the fantasy event of SL maximum is infallible at this Fantasy Faire
Fantasy Faireの期間は10日間。
最近ファンタジー系のイベントがかなり増えてきましたが、SL最大のファンタジーイベントはこの Fantasy Faire で間違いないと思います。

Please enjoy the world of a fantasy fully. 

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