festa dell planta

ALBERO Mall で植物祭が始まっています。
"festa dell planta" started by ALBERO Mall.
A lot of plant shops of SL are concentrated.

forest feastでは ファンタジックな花を 沢山出品しました。
forest feast exhibited a lot of fantastic flowers.
Many are new works.

Sachiは 花を見た人が 優しい気持ちになるように、、幸せになるように と願って作りました。
We wished so and made "Sachi" that the person who saw the flower "Become gentle feelings" and "Become happy"
Sachi is a meaning of happiness in Japanese.

Gyoku-ka は ガラス玉のような 可愛い花です。近づいて見てみてください。
"Gyoku-ka" is a lovely flower like the glass bead.
Please approach and look.

Tree of small small leaf」は 形が3パターンあります。
グループギフトとして この小さな木の 3primバージョンを送りました。
"Tree of small small leaf" has three pattern shape.
The texture, the shine, and the transparency can be changed by touching.
3prim version of this small tree was sent as a group gift.

他にも、新しく発売した 「Tree for background」や「Sky Garden」も 置いてます。
Other "Tree for background" and "Sky Garden" newly put on the market are put.

ブースは 会場の一番奥にあって、小さな庭とお店を作りました。
The booth is the interior of the hall. We are building the little plot of grass and the shop.
Please come to see by all means.

The booth of festa dell planta is here.

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