Sky Garden

 As a result of photo contest, the announcement is late.

 フォトコンテストの 審査は feast SIMの関係者及び、SL外の方にお願いしていますが、数名の審査結果の到着が遅れています。そのため 発表が少し遅れます。申し訳ありません。
 "Parties concerned of feast SIM" and "Person outside SL" examine it.
 The arrival of the examination result of several people is late.
 Therefore, the announcement is delayed a little. I am sorry.

 By the way, it doesn't sell it still anywhere saying the new sale though it is SkyGarden of the prize in 2nd place.

 実物を見ていただくのが一番なので、DEMO Prim REZの装置を置こうかと思ったのですが、一体どこに出して、どうやって見てもらおう、、というのが 決まっていません ><
 It is worried about the sales system though the thing is made.
 Because it is the best to see the thing,
 I thought that put the device of DEMO Prim REZ by me. However, the installation location is not decided.

 しかし、、これ あんまり「売れる」とも思えない、、、、なにせ、20m×20m で、185primあります。
 もうちょっと あんとかならんかったのか?な感じですが、賞品用ということもあり、いろんなものを詰め込んだらこうなった、、、、というか。。www
 Rather, we make a permanent place?(rash idea)
 However, this doesn't seem to sell too much. Because it is 20m×20m, and there is 185prim.
 When this packed various one because it was for the prize, it became so.
 Because everything has not been linked, the thing that keeps asunder after it puts it out and is used can be done.

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