Hint of quiz

Quiz of plant festival of ALBERO. The correct answer doesn't come out. It is OK. Because it just started.
However, the hint has been added because there are a lot of quite different answers.
We have planted a smaller seedling.

更に小さくて ヒントになるのか??と聞かれると、???なのですが、小さな分、葉っぱの細かい表現が潰れないから 葉の特徴は解りやすいと思います。
In addition, does a small seedling become a hint? How is it?
In the image of a small seedling, a detailed expression of the leaf doesn't collapse. I think that the leaf characteristic is understood easily.

木は大きくなると 葉っぱの特徴が変わってきますけど、若い葉はかなりこの科の特徴が出ています。
幹も 大きくなると、表面が乾いた感じになってくるのですが、若い苗のうちは科の特徴がよく出た幹になります。
The feature of the leaf changes when the tree grows up. The feature of this race appears to a young leaf.
The appearance on the surface of the trunk changes, too, when the tree grows up. The feature of this race appears to a young seedling well.

A lot of mistakes that are are names of a different tree of the same race.

さて blogをご覧いただいてる方にはもうひとつヒント。
実は植えてきた小さな苗はグリーンなのですが、実際 今の時期は こんな色です。
Well, Another hint is passed to you who is reading blog.
It is such actually a color in autumn though the small seedling that has been planted is green.

成長するまで まだ時間がありますので、ゆっくり考えてください :)
Please think slowly :)

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