Particle of the petal of a cherry tree

It worried about whether it will attach to a tree, or it will not attach.
Since there was a customer that he wanted only it, it made individually. 

It's the particle of the petal of a cherry tree.
It's an image which breaks up little by little softly. 


It has placed by free on the pillar or the shelf of a main store, a branch, and each store.
It can copy.
If the tree of
cherry & the apple which you have can be edited, only the script of particle is taken out, and even if it puts into the way of a tree, it can use. 
It's on-off in a touch. Please bring home.
本店支店各店の 柱とか棚の上にfreeで置いてあります。
タッチでon offだけの単純なものですが、よろしければお持ち帰りください。

Although the trees of cherry tree important at .......... are things as ??, it is already a release immediately.
On Tuesday and Wednesday,
The cherry tree which is due to take out this year is put on the market. 

(They are delicacy and w there as to whether it comes out that it is different then next year)

Of course, it can edit.
Particle can be put also into the tree of inner
cherry tree

Girls Fest of Cozy Port is the final day!   
Cozy PortGirls Festは今日まで!

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