Silent Auction etc...

Now, the subject of Fantasy Faire continues.
Prize of hunt before other talks?
All have not been found yet  :(
3 of the followings ....someone , please give the hint of a hint .......... 

さて、Fantasy Faireの話題が続きます。
The Lorax is our faithful friend,,,,?  Loraxって多分あのフワフワ坊主頭の植物?
This is not as planned. I entrusted a single gold coin from Shal-Tathar to a hobbit and he spent it on a mango!マンゴー売り場もないし、、 そもそもhobbitってSIM全部彼らの居場所っぽいじゃん〜〜
the smith Albrecht forged his tools against the sunset,,,, 鍛冶屋のAlbrechtってと美術専攻した人からしたら、あのAlbrechtなのよね、、彼の道具って。なんか他のAlbrechtかな、、やっぱり。
↑ in worldでIMくださった方、ノートをくださった方、ありがとうございます。

Cheer up :)
In Fantasy Faire   There are the official bloggers and it has introduced the goods of Faire. 
I think that it is also good to read Blogger's report in order to see the recommendation item of a participating store. 
The official blogger's blog is listed here.
Fantasy Faireには 公式のブロガーさんたちがいらして、フェアの商品の紹介をしてくださっています。

Although each of the blogger specializing in a store was decided, we may ask of other blogger and there is also an offer from blogger occasionally. 
There are some bloggers who do not use a report even if it sends goods :(
However, I also had bloggers other than charge introduce very impressively this year. 
It's here that the introduction report of our store appears.

うちの紹介記事が載ってるのは こちらです。
The messy little closet
Quan's Travelogues

And talk of the auction excited secretly every year.

This is the special fund-raising item taken out from the participating store.  
Most are a limited color or a limited set. it's only one.
Therefore, a quiet battle advances to acquisition of favorite goods. 
It is defeated twice the past narrowly by me. .........

Our store also sends every year.
Every year, my heart is pounding with tension..  

The hall of an auction is located here. Fairelands Junction
オークションの会場はFairelands Junctionこちらにあります。

A touch of pop of goods sends the note card of explanation of goods.  
It is participation at an auction market by the purple ribbon attached to pop.

pop of each goods has risen to the official site.
Please have a look, when interested. 


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