rosemary and nasturtium

Today's introduction is rosemary and nasturtium
本日のご紹介は ローズマリーナスタチウムです。

It is said that rosemary is a meaning called a marine drop. It was growing in large numbers on the seashore. Probably, it is strong to briny air.  Since it is a herb which is very easy to use, it may be convenience if it is in an one-share house. 
It is a thing of grove nature which was released this time.
They are three sorts by the form and size difference. A texture is two sorts.
A total of six kinds are one set.

ローズマリーは海のしずくという意味なんだそうです。海辺に多くあったからこの名前だそうですが、潮風に強いのですね。とても利用しやすいハーブなので、1株家にあると便利かもしれません。我が家には半匍匐性のローズマリーがあって、花の季節はそれは見事な紫の滝のようになるのですが、 今回リリースしたのは木立性のものです。

Nasturtium is a very profitable herb by which a flower, a leaf, and a fruit are eaten. Appearance is lovely, there is also a color number and it is easy to raise.
It raises in a kitchen, and the salad of breakfast can be decorated with a leaf, and a small handful and a garnish of a dinner can be decorated with a flower, or many things can be enjoyed.
ナスタチウムは花も葉も実も食べられるとてもお得なハーブです。 見た目も可愛いし、色数もあるし、育てやすいし。

5-color release. Purple was made fund-raising. 

Each can be purchased at the booth in EXPO.

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