Some trees

In this EXPO, some trees were also released in addition to the herb. 
They are those introduction today. 

The 1st is Crisp tree.  
This is a realistic version of the very tall tree released in fantasy fair.
I got "I want what can be used also for the ordinary yard". About 10 m was also made.
It is one set by 4.
The texture change script is contained and the color of a leaf is changed from bright green to white.
I think whether it can use for a street lined with trees etc.

まず1つめが、Crisp tree

Here where the next is quite big. Promised tree
There are L size and M size and they are 20m and 14.5m, respectively. 
The texture change script is contained and the color of a leaf is changed also here according to a season.
L size is 4prim and M size is 3prim.

You can also enlarge more.
次がかなり大きなこちら。 Promised tree
LサイズとMサイズがあって、それぞれ 20mと14.5mです。
こちらもテクスチャーチェンジ スクリプトが入っていて、季節に合わせて葉っぱの色が変えられます。


And the last is A Japanese maple tree made from the same form as Promised tree.
He wanted surely big Japanese maple tree  and it made.
L size is 18 m and medium size is 13 m here.
It can use from spring to autumn. 

そして最後が、 Promised treeと同じ形で作ったです。
どうしても大きなが欲しくて、作ったのですが、こちらは Lサイズが18m、Mサイズが13mです。


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