The Home & Garden EXPO started

7th Annual Second Life Home and Garden Expo  started.
Second Life 第7回 Home and Garden Expo が始まりました。

forest feast has not released new goods at all for 2 months. Since the graphics of my viewer were not repaired, either, I was troubled. However, a somehow new flower was able to be released and I was able to participate.
forest feastは2ヶ月間全く新しい商品を出していなくて、ビュアのグラフィック表示も直らなくて、どうなる事かと思ったのですが、なんとか新しい花を出して参加する事が出来ました。

Since installation of a booth does not often become, either, goods were placed this time and the flower and tree which were made have only been planted. 
It seems that fund-raising goods fortunately also sell little by little from the first day. 

They are introduction of forest feast booth, and the 1st introduction of fund-raising goods today. 

First of all, although it is a booth of forest feast, it is in sim of EXPO 1.
work is variously overdue -- a sample and the goods sending for introduction -- although it has not done and fund-raising goods do not appear on a formal page ..............A booth certainly exists X|

まずは、forest feastのブースですが、EXPO 1 のsimにあります。

A place is HERE.
You can also TP from the signboard of EXPO in the information booth of the store of
forest feast.
forest feastのお店のインフォメーションブースにあるEXPOの看板から飛ぶ事も出来ます。

Now, although it was the fund-raising goods from forest feast, three sorts of herbs were released.
They are lavender, rosemary, and nasturtium. 
さて、forest feastからの募金商品ですが、ハーブを3種、リリースしました。

First of all, lavender. 
There were various kinds also in lavender, English lavender was chosen this time. 
Eight sorts for planting alone.
It is six sorts which were planted in the shape of a line in lavender fields.

( 4 stocks set (1 prim):4 kinds  , 12 stocks set (3 prim):2 kinds )

The copy version is also sold in the booth of EXPO.
Since this is fund-raising goods, sale in a marketplace becomes since a fund-raising period expires. 


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