Alir さんと Kao さん

Well, it has become it at the end.
It is a small village on corner of Aught.

ここに、Alir Flowさんと Kao Sandsさんのお店が入っています。
There is a small small village in the northeast edge of Aught.
The shop of Alir Flow and Kao Sands is here.


Alir Flowさんは Aughtの草原を一緒に作ってくれています。
There is Alir Flow making the meadow of Aught together.
Meadow that shines to gold and toppled iron tower. I think that the person enchanted to the scenery is a lot of.
These are her wonderful creations.

6pi というsimに彼女の可愛い庭があります。
There is her lovely garden in sim named 6pi.
The wind is a garden of gentle atmosphere that was different from Aught that blows and comes off.
It is possible to fly from the shop of Aught. Please visit by all means.


Kao Sandsさんは Aughtの集落に使っているAlirさんの家を見た時に、この家に似合うのは、Kaoさんの花しかない!と思って、花を買いに出かけた時に、お願いして出店してもらいました。
Suiting this house when Kao Sands sees the house of Alir who is using it for the village of Aught has only the flower of Kao.
When thinking, and going out to buy the flower, it asked and a store was opened.
It is an outlook on the world that cannot be produced no matter how it works hard at me. A small village of this Aught became a very gentle space thanks to her.
Please ask the garden of her in iTuTu.
The flower of Kao! Feelings and I wishes think that it understands.


This time, the friend's introduction ends.
If a new commodity is set up, I want to introduce it.


feast SIM 1周年 フォトコンテストのお知らせは こちらからどうぞ。

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